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Study On The Public Trust Of Government In The Crisis

Posted on:2010-08-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360275468432Subject:Administrative Management
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The intrinsic root of public crisis is the intense relationship of human and nature and the intense relationship of human and human.As the organization which has the public power,the government is playing a very important role in how to alleviate this kind of intensity,and realizes the harmony between human and nature as well as human and human,then the public trust of government is one of most important aspect of it.As the major management of handling public crisis,when on a crucial stage,a government should fulfill its scared responsibility.In this process,the public trust of government may rise or fall because of the relationship that the public crisis dependent and affect mutually.Base on this mutual relationship,this article will focus on the strengthening of the public trust of government through perfecting the crisis management.The first part of this article is abstract,which mainly introduces the purpose of choosing this topic,the significant meaning of the subject,the home and broad' s researches on this subject and the main structure of this article.The second part will present the crisis management and the public trust of government theologically,along with explaining the importance of strengthening the public trust of government,and giving out certain harsh facts on the absent of the public trust of government.The third part will talk about the different crisis managements lead to different influences,based on the comparison of SARS crisis and "5·12" earthquake in Wenchuan. Fourth part will offer some suggestions for enhancing the public trust of government:1,alter the theory of current management,set up a new way of managing of people,for people, embracing more responsibilities,managing according to laws, and opened for supervising by its people.2,better and innovate governmental managements.Which include crisis prediction, internal and external coordination,the share of information. 3,strengthen the ability of governmental crisis management --which means to speedup the response of facing crisis, improving the ability of organizing and rebuilding after crisis.4,improve the supervision.Through being supervised by the party,people's political consultative committee,the people and medias,setting the management to be transparent and reduce its misbehaviors and corruption.
Keywords/Search Tags:Public crisis, Public trust of government, The crisis of SARS, Wenchuan earthquake
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