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The Normal Study Of Blame-Taking Resignation Of The Government Officials Of China

Posted on:2010-02-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360275494140Subject:Administrative Management
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People sovereignty theory requires that the government who is an authority exerciser must be responsible for the people who is the owner of sovereignty and accept people's supervision. Therefore, the establishment of responsible government is extremely essential and important, as an important aspect of the establishment of responsible government, the blame-taking resignation system should change its form from the political arrangement to normal regulation. It concerns about the ability of the government officials and credibility of the government, and it is an essential part and an intrinsic requirement of a responsible government, moreover, it's a inner requirement to build a service-oriented government and a harmonious society. Because our country tradition administration culture's influence as well as the system construction aspect exists certain flaws, cause the official take the blame resignation often become one top-down political arrangement, but has not been able to become the official's own choice. This article aims to present the current status of the resignation of China's government officials and the suggestions of how to establish a rational system for the resignation.This article mainly including four parts:Part one: It mainly introduces the background,significance,the research status,the research method of this topic. it also deepens the meaning of the taking-blame resignation.Part Two: The systematic analysis of the current status of the taking-blame resignation points out that now the practice of government officials taking-blame resignation in our country still exists many problems: The condition and the standard of Taking - blame resignation are not explicit, the duty officials' taking- blame and resignation self-conscious not higher are the realistic questionPart three: It clearly analyzes the resistances and obstacles that the resignation of our government officials face by the perspective of the traditional feudal hierarchy thoughts, The administrative responsibility culture's flaw, the accountability system is imperfect, the information interaction channel is impeded the unspoken rules of political cultures,Part Four: On the basis of the analysis for actuality and resistance , part four puts forward a number of countermeasures and suggestions for the establishment of the taking-blame resignation of China's government officials, including of Further consummating official administration accountability system, strengthening official's administrative responsibility, cultivating the citizen administrative responsibility consciousness, strengthening to the dereliction of duty official's social pressure. Finally, the article also alleviating official's extra worries, seeking for the suitable outlet, including working in the enterprise, in the NGO and so on demonstrated the feasibility of the taking-blame resignation.
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