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The Study On The Blame-Taking Resignation Institution Of Party And Administration Leaders Of China

Posted on:2011-04-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360305499755Subject:Administrative Management
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Rights and obligations are equal; also rights and responsibilities are equal too. People sovereignty which based on the social contract theory thought that the authority is conferred by the people, so it's limited and should be responsible for the people. Therefore, the executive officials of government departments who own the rights also need to take the corresponding responsibilities. In recent years, the establishment of responsible government became an important objective of China's administrative system reform. The 17th meeting report of Communist Party of China said "pay close attention to the administrative system reform, focus on changing functions, straightening out relations, optimizing the structure, improving efficiency to form the administrative system which are coincident powers and responsibilities, rational division, good decision-making, smooth implementation and effective supervision." Blame-taking resignation institution is a very important part of the responsible government construction, which is very common in Western countries, reflects the political democracy and constitutional requirements.The Blame-taking resignation institution of party and government leaders in China is not only an important content of building a responsible government, but also the important step of building law government, service-oriented government and a socialist harmonious society. However, due to the institutional lasted short time in our country, the impact of Chinese traditional administrative culture and system design problems, so when it practice it exits many problems, and didn't achieve the desired effect. This article explains the theory of the meaning and the root cause, and the development of the resignation in China. It aims to present the current problems and the reasons of the problems. At last, the paper suggests how to make the Blame-taking resignation institution more perfect.The article is composed of five parts:Part one:This part introduced the research background, the current research situation, and the research method and ideas, also deepens the meaning of the blame-taking resignation.Part two:This part analyzed the significance of the Blame-taking resignation institution and the current situation. It includes the bases and the development of the institution.Part three:This part analyzed the existing problems, and the reasons that cause the problems. The article will identify the reasons from the angle of culture, system, supporting measures etc.Part four:This part gave some suggestions to improve the Blame-taking Resignation Institution from the aspects of the administrative ethics, system itself, and other complementary measures.
Keywords/Search Tags:Blame-taking resignation institution, Responsible government, Administrative accountability system
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