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The Study On The Blame-Taking Resignation Of China

Posted on:2013-11-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Go up century90time, the rapid development of China’s economy, andaccordingly, the democratization of the political voices are increasingly high, how toestablish the responsible government becomes the national politics life need to solvethe problems. The resignation is to meet the requirements of the times product, itasked the officials with self-discipline and conscious spirit to improve themselves,improve their own quality, but also is beneficial to the official responsibilityawareness, promote the construction of the responsible government in our country. Inour country, the resignation of the system application has made certain achievements,mainly for some officials have resigned and dismount. But in the implementationprocess also exist a series of problems, such as the implementation of the narrowscope, applicable standard is not clear, operation procedures are not complete andofficials blame not demit, restored to the new problems. Therefore, we must establisha set of complete resignation system, ensure blame resignation conformable.The full text is divided into three chapters besides introduction.Introduction: This article introduces the research basis and reason, namely in ourcountry needs to take the blame and resign in such a system to make up for thedeficiency of the administrative accountability system, but in the implementationprocess also exist some problems, therefore, it is necessary for us to study the systemof taking the blame and resigning.The first chapter: first on the resignation of the concepts are defined, and theresignation of the applicable scope, determine the standards were discussed, toestablish the Blame-Taking Resignation institution meaning are summarized andexpounded.The second chapter: according to the situation of our country, from China’sresignation reality, to our country the Blame-Taking Resignation institutionimplementation issues were summarized and analyzed, and further analysis of theproblem. The third chapter: In the two chapter the content is the Blame-TakingResignation institution in our country’s implementation process problems and causeanalysis, from the resignation of the system itself and the resignation system ofenvironment two respects put forward resignation system scheme.
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