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The Research Of Chinese Civil Servants Blame-taking Resignation System

Posted on:2014-02-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330398467722Subject:Administrative Management
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With the deepening of the reform of government and the construction ofresponsible government, our civil servants cadre accountability system began to start.In the current government official’s accountability system, the “blame-takingresignation " has become a compelling new phenomenon of China’s political life. Andresign is a political practice in foreign countries, but when of realize the localizationprocess in China it has produced many problems. It seriously affected the resignationof the effectiveness of the implementation.So further study to the system of resignation, not only theoretically clarifydifferences, eliminate the misunderstanding, explore the objective need of trouble way,and it is practical to set up the correct resign concept, promote resign process, solvethe predicament, promote the system correct and smooth implementation of thepractical. As far as the current situation of our country, our country civil servantsresign standards, way and related system remains to be further discussed. In order tosolve this problem, to improve the system itself and the external environment, seriousnegligence civil servants to find the way out of national public servant system, is thekey of this paper.The paper studies follow questions, analyze problems and solve problems, andthe paper is composed of five parts:The first part: introduction, this paper introduces the research background,research significance, the research status at home and abroad, and described the ideasin this paper, and this research method.The second part, from the perspective of the theory of the system is discussed toresign. The analysis of the system of the resignation of the concept, connotation andimplementation of the system of the resignation of theoretical basis, and at the sametime, analyzes the implementation of the resignation of the significance of the system. The third part, the foothold back to the present situation of our country’s systemconstruction up. Combined with the current situation of the construction of the systemof the resignation, summed up the current resign problems of the construction of thesystem, and strive to use what they have learned professional knowledge for the deeptheoretical analysis, find out the reason of the problem produced in the fourth part, soas to lay the basis of the paper.The fourth part, because our country resign from western countries, so to resign,analyzes the situation of our country to improve the system for the resignation ofprovides references.The fifth part, in view of the four parts, this paper puts forward to continue topush forward the country resign the system construction of some of the ideas. Thisarticle is put emphasis on improve the resign system, the external environment, aswell as civil servants moral construction. I hope from puts forward my own idea toimprove China’s resign system construction.
Keywords/Search Tags:Blame-taking resignation, system, responsible government, moral principles
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