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Research On Administrative Accountability In China

Posted on:2010-01-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360275960790Subject:Constitution and Administrative Law
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During the SARS period in 2003 , including two senior officials, hundreds of ministerial-level officials had been accountable for their work. A wave of administrative accountability was set off. The central government had demonstrated the new government duty construction, service-oriented government's determination. The concept of accountable government in China's administrative reform has been fully implemented. Accountability is becoming a bright spot of the new round of political reform in China.Because of the Xiangfan dam-break accident in 2008, Meng Xuenong took the blame and resigned within five years once again. It put the system of administrative accountability to the public air waves. Effective supervision is the key to prevent the corruption of power.Accountability mechanisms are key to build the rule of law in government.The discovery of the general path of the "government accountability" to achieve the duty of the goverment can be said of the common pursuit of the political science and the public administration since modern times and establish them in a way of system. Administrative accountability system is not only a product of innovation but also a product of advancing with the times. China is in a very special historical period. Undoubtedly, the burden of the Chinese government is heavy.How to build their own to Guide the mission of China's social development requires a point of entry. The accountability system is probably a good starting point. In the course of the Implementation of the accountability system and the publishment of a series of relevant laws and regulations, the accountability system is from the very period of extraordinary measures to the institutionalization and gradually embarks on a systematic path.However, the administration of accountability system is still in the initial stage , and we need to solve a lot of problems. This is the subject of this article to study. The study of administrative accountability will inevitably involve a series of important and acute problem of the theory and practice. By Collecting many instances and analyzing in-depth analysis of cases, we strive to achieve an organic combination of the theory and practice. The paper starts from the concept of duty, further focus on an analysis of the concept of administrative accountability system, connotation, theoretical cornerstone and other areas to carry out a full range of defining the administrative accountability. The accountability system means that the specific accountability subjects monitor the implementation of responsibilities and obligations of all levels of government and civil service and request them to take the negative results of its commitment.Secondly, by making a summary of the current situation and the development process of the accountability system in western countries, bring forward some beneficial enlightenment to build a sound administrative accountability system, including the use of law to ensure the public's right to know, a sound administrative accountability procedures for the implementation of security, ensuring the smooth flow of the news media and the public opinion, and endeavoring to cultivate a mature civil society.Again, combining with the actual situation in our country, analyse the achievements of the implementation of the accountability system, and a range of the problems, such as the ambiguous division of responsibilities , Unclear accountability, the single subject of accountability, the relatively weak Allograft accountability, the unclear object of accountability, the Narrow scope of accountability, lack of norms of accountability procedures, the lack of operability, the inadequate accountable legal system, the lack of force protection.In view of the above questions, analyse the reasons behind in depth and detailed such as the outmoded notion and ideology and system deficiencies.Finally, learning from the Western experience of the accountability of state officials and combining with the specific conditions of China, put forward a basic countermeasures to improve the administrative accountability system in our country, including enhancing the sense of accountability, reinforcing the cultural construction of administrative accountability, perfecting the legal system of the accountability , improving the system of our country's administrative accountability and implementing the construction of supporting system of administrative accountability system.
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