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Administrative Accountability Under The Perspective Of Television Administration Legal Questions Discussed In This Paper

Posted on:2017-05-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Nowadays, TV politics have sprung up in hubei, jiangsu, zhejiang, hunan, guangxi, anhui, gansu, tianjin provinces and cities, such as government officials accountability in all aspects of the problem. An official set up a bridge of communication between people, it not only expand the channels of our democratic supervision of the government, guarantee citizens’ right to know, the right to express, participation and supervision, also prompted the government to more administration according to law, power exercised in the sunshine, openness and transparency, make up for the deficiency of the political system in real life.TV ask politics.However, there are still not enough in many places, this article analyzes from the following four parts, the first part:the current our country television asked political phenomenon of the induction and analysis, the second part:the TV asked administration analyzes the legal attribute, the third part:the administrative accountability under the perspective of TV ask the problems existing in the administration mode, the fourth part:the administrative accountability system under the guidance of TV asked policy implementation and perfect, make TV politics the foreign administrative accountability play a better effect.
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