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On The Construction And Perfection Of The Contemporary Logistics Legal System In Our Country

Posted on:2010-10-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ShiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360275973608Subject:Economic Law
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Logistics is a new comprehensive industry,whose development results from the benign interaction between economic substructure and the market legal order. Through the rapid development of recent years,China's logistics has become systemized,but the lack of corresponding law constrains its progressing,so the realization of a healthy and sustainable development of it requires us to construct and perfect our legal system of contemporary logistics.Combine the analysis of theory and the practice of legislation,this thesis analyses and proves the perfection and improvement of our legal system of contemporary logistics from six parts.To begin with,the thesis states the significance of constructing and perfecting our legal system of contemporary logistics,and explicates the research approach and systematic structure of it.In the second place,it theoretically defines the meanings of logistics,and discriminates the concept of contemporary logistics.It also pinpoints the differences between the logistics and physical distribution.The next part theoretically defines the meanings of legal system of contemporary logistics.The principles and standards forming the legal system of contemporary logistics are analyzed from an angle of the jurisprudence.This part also analyzes the significance of constructing the logistics legal system from practice.And then the logistics legal system in the advanced logistics countries such as America and Japan is comparatively analyzed by using a comparative research method.Experiences for our reference are generalized and our enlightenment is attained through above said analysis.The next part according to the introductions to the status quo of logistics and logistic legislation in China,the problems in the latter are pointed out.Finally,the thesis puts forward suggestions to constructing a framework of legal system of logistics in our country according the principles and the procedure of constructing our legal system of contemporary logistics,and also expounds proposals concerning the legislation of the respective legal systems in the framework.By the above analysis and study,the author hopes that the quick improvement of our logistics legal system can be promoted,so as to propel and improve further healthy and sustained development of modern logistics industry.
Keywords/Search Tags:Logistics, Contemporary logistics, Legal system of logistics, Contract of Third-party Logistics
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