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Public Service Function Transition Of Township Governmental In China

Posted on:2011-10-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since our Party, the new central collective leadership of the good "three rural" a series of new concepts, new ideas and new initiatives. In early 2003, the Central Rural Work Conference held in the first time, we should solve the "three rural" issue as a top priority of the party's work, this is the "three rural" issue awareness of the importance of further deepening. The face of economic and social development at the turn of the century the new situation and tasks, the Party National Congress clearly put forward the new development of urban and rural development concepts. By the end of 2004 Central Economic Work Conference held in the first time clearly pointed out that China is now a whole has to promote agriculture through industry to bring along the development stage of the city, making urban and rural development of the strategy be sublimated in theory. In early 2003, and held a central rural work conference for the first time "and more, taking less and less" clear as to adhere to the policy of the Third Session of the Tenth National People's Congress passed the "Government Work Report" was first introduced to "the implementation of industry nurturing agriculture and cities support rural policy, "the two policies to deal with the relationship between urban and rural workers and peasants, the policy orientation of major adjustment. Plenum clearly put forward to build a new socialist countryside, for the "Eleventh Five-Year" and in the future success of the "three rural" the way ahead. From a series of major steps that we can see that the Central Government "Three Rural Issues" is a big commitment, ideas are very clear. From the "put right position" to "change philosophy", to provide "theoretical support", and then to "clear policy", and finally to the deployment of "building task" logical line of succession, layer upon layer connected, progressive layers. Fifth-sixth will build a new socialist countryside all China's modernization as a major historic task. This is from an objective reality to make judgments, but also the importance of future-oriented judgments. The new system of rural public services, construction and transformation of township government has a direct correlation. Zai new rural public service system construction, the rural grass-roots social governance changes needed, especially in township government functions and how to change, will have a direct relationship to the new building of the rural public service system effectiveness. Therefore, to study the construction of new countryside and rural public service system, the relationship between the transformation of government functions, search functions of township governments in rural areas to adapt to new ways of public service institution-building efforts to resolve the majority of farmers and the rapid growth of public demand for public services in rural areas highlighted the acute shortage of supply contradiction, for the construction of new socialist countryside is of great practical significance.
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