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Research On The Construction Of China's Contemporary National Image

Posted on:2012-03-13Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Nowadays with the rapid development of globalization and information China's national image is receiving unprecedented value from all countries, and its strategic status is elevating unceasingly. Our country is presently in a crucial period, and establishing a good national image is very important. Therefore we must carry on with a thorough discussion of China's national image and make overall plans for it. This article launches the research regarding "the construction of China's contemporary national image". This research is on two aspects:the construction of national image and the cultivation of national image consciousness; The text is divided into seven chapters, its logical structure and basic contents are the follows:ChapterⅠ- Introduction. This section is a brief introduction about the purpose and significance of this essay, literature review, research methods, main contents and research ideas, innovation, and inadequacies.ChapterⅡ- The basic theory of the construction of national image. This chapter studies the general theory of national image and its construction. Firstly, this chapter limits the concept of national image, then introduces various theories of national image including three big schools of thought in the domain of international relations as well as Marxism. Secondly, this chapter further introduces and abstracts the characteristics and functions of national image. It also presents the preliminary analysis of national image construction, and attempts to clarify the concrete content and the hierarchical structure of national image construction. The article points out that the national image construction includes national image localization, the mold, the dissemination and the repair; it contains so many steps and its social system's engineering. Good image construction does not just happen for one purpose, but it has several very dynamic characteristics and needs to be carefully laid out according to a plan.ChapterⅢ- The thought sources of China's contemporary national image construction.The contemporary China national image practice has a solid foundation of thought. It is believed that three leader's concepts of this new China are the foundation for contemporary national image construction. Mao Zedong made every effort to change China's old appearance and set up the new image. Deng Xiaoping captured the transformation of the image in his time; then China became more positive about integrating with international society. Jiang Zemin proposed the national image concept and the mold duty systematically. The construction of contemporary China's national image must come from a thorough study of these treasures of though; and we must also make good use of local materials.ChapterⅣ-The background of China's contemporary national image construction. As China enters the 21st century, the globalization and the comprehensive construction of well-to-do society becomes one of the most important factors. This chapter inspects this globalization. The article proposes that the national image's strategy for unceasing ascension due to globalization will develop quickly. It appears that it is extremely important and essential to innovate China's national image. This chapter also analyzes the influence in development of well-to-do society has on the construction of national image. The development of well-to-do society has provided an historical opportunity for setting up a good national image. Finally, this chapter inspects the Chinese image realistic conditions in four aspects:the economical image, the political image, the cultural image and the social image.ChapterⅤ- The strategic frame of China's contemporary national image construction. China's contemporary national image construction must focus on the goal to effect the localization, mold, dissemination as well as repair of the image. Firstly, this chapter makes clear the goal of national image construction; that it must promote the national soft strength, improve international soft environment and promote national interest realization. Secondly, this article takes from the overall discussion and the partial two aspects to analize contemporary China's national image strategic localization. The article proposes the way to mold the national image is mainly through making China's harmonious image into a "brand" that encompasses all of contemporary China's multiple images into the "brand". This chapter also elaborates on the dissemination of the national image by broadcasting the national image through many methods. Finally, this chapter profits from the crisis management theory to elaborate on the question of national image repair.ChapterⅥ- The key link of China's contemporary national image construction. In this chapter the analysis shifts from the frame to concrete factors. It proposes the cultivation of national image consciousness is the key link of construction. It begins by analizing the general theory of national image consciousness and concept of the national image consciousness cultivation. It seeks to answer the question, "Why cultivation the national image consciousness is the key link for national image construction?" This chapter focuses on two aspects to answer this question:How to guide the practice and education with a strategic method. This chapter also looks at the current national image consciousness situation from the prospective of the citizen. It appears that an unclear understanding to the national image is common. Sometimes it even appears that the behaviour of society does not favor the national image. Finally this chapter discusses the importance of national image consciousness cultivation in three aspects.ChapterⅦ- The cultivation of national image consciousness. This chapter is the final defense of the article because the varying views concerning the national image is not only the question that the Party and the government must consider, but in fact the national image comes from each member's image as well. This text considers this kind of idea is needed to carry on the views in order to educate and to foster national image consciousness. The views concerningnational image from Marxism is the primary theory source for the education and the historical practice of China's national image. Education should focus on the overall national benefit being the starting point; allowing the construction of socialist key value systems to guide it. This will allow for many aspects to be launched effectively. Leading through fruitful education through public propaganda, edifying culture, practical forms, and good system will ensure the smooth implementation of the national image consciousness.At present,the discipline of ideological and political education has made great progress in basic theoretical research. Scholars have made much progress in the basic principles and methodology conering it. In this context the disciplinary perspectives and research focus concerns have shifted from the analysis of the surface to the deeper factor analysis. Scholars pay more attention to the indirect, hidden, deep-related elements of ideological and political education. As a result soft power, cultural infiltration, and national image go into the research horizons and become research hotspots and difficult problems nowadays.The main contribution is a reforming of research. Now the question of China's national image is not only to let people realize that it exists, but also to do more research at a higher level in order to try our best to understand the internal structure of the whole research system. Therefore this dissertation changes the view from the question discussion to basic theoretical research; from the macro of the overall question to the micro issue to stress the research accuracy.
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