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Theory And Practice Of Local Government Performance Evaluation "Gansu Model" In Public Governance Perspective

Posted on:2011-09-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H Y QiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360305965074Subject:Administrative Management
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2005 and 2006 for two consecutive years, Gansu provincial government entrusted Lanzhou University China Centre for Local Government Performance Evaluation, with organizing and implementing Gansu non-public enterprises evaluating government activities, as was called "Gansu Model" by the outside world, this model is also known as the third party evaluation of government performance.Many scholars all research the "Gansu Model", but these studies basically probed "Gansu Model" standing in the government performance management of the traditional context of new public management theory, which limits further understanding for "Gansu Model" because of limitation of the new public administration theory perspective, this theory perspective appears to lack the ability to make the supplement consummation for "Gansu Model". In order to further analyze and improve "Gansu Model", article selects from the perspective of public governance to do an analysis. Public governance is in line with the needs of building service-oriented government, and could better guide the construction of government performance.Article analyzes "Gansu Model" from public governance perspective, takes the authority operation as the basic objective point, discusses the organizational structure of the "Gansu Model" based on the assignment and attribution of the authority, analyzes behavior pattern of the main body of participation according to the limitation of the authority boundary; article analyzes and improves the institutional arrangements of the "Gansu Model" from the institutional arrangements of the evaluation procedure, the institutional arrangements of the evaluation mechanism as well as the environmental construction; article instructs the value demand of "Gansu Model" by the value demand of the nature of the public governance pursuing the public. The full text analyzes and completes "Gansu Model" from three aspects of organizational structure and the behavior pattern, the institution construction, the value demands in the public governance perspective, hopes help for further study the third party evaluation of government performance and application through article research.
Keywords/Search Tags:Local Government Performance Evaluation, "Gansu Model", Public Governance
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