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Research About Problems And Countermeasures Of Performance Evaluation In Local Government

Posted on:2016-06-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X C LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330479985969Subject:Administrative Management
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Performance evaluation is an important research topic of modern public administration. The main goal of government is to complete its functions with efficiency as high as possible and the consumption of money and manpower as little as possible, so improving administrative efficiency plays a pivotal role in government management. With the change of economic system and administrative system since the new period of reform and opening-up in China, local governments in different extent have economic, social, ecological, cultural or other aspects of the problem, and the functions of the government need to be changed. Therefore, carrying out the performance evaluation of local government is good for local government to enhance work efficiency, improve the way of governance, transform government function and reshape government image.Currently, despite of the booming trend of China’s local government performance evaluation in general, there are still some obstacles at the same time. For instance, a lack of diverse evaluation personnel systems, unadvanced conventional evaluating technology,unscientific indicator systems and the lack of practical applications of the evaluation results.Take Bengbu, Anhui as an example. First, carrying out the local government performance evaluation is to establish a performance liability system as an effective organizational protection for local government performance evaluation. Second, it is to implement scientific and comprehensive indicator system. Third, it is also important to push forward the researches and applications of advanced technology and “e-valuation”. Fourth is to clarify the directional attributes of local performance evaluation, syndicate differences and similarities of Chinese and western municipal conditions and to establish a diversified evaluation system. Through these improvements, performance evaluation efficiency can be seen improved in near future.
Keywords/Search Tags:Performance Governance, Performance evaluation, Service-oriented government, Evaluation Index
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