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The Limited Government Theory Enlightenments To Our Service-oriented Government Building

Posted on:2011-12-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q HeFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360308477687Subject:Marxism in China
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This article starts from the limited government ideology. Through the introduction of this ideology and our historical experience of reforms in government institutions, the author explores enlightenments of limited government ideology for our service-oriented government building. The full-text is divided into four major sections. Specific framework is as follows.The first section is a general overview of limited government ideology. After several hundred years of development, it divides into three parts: the halophyte part.the economics part and the political thinking part. The philosophy part includes natural rights theory, evil humanity theory and limited "rational" theory. The economics part consists of two opposite ideas: the blind faith in market omnipotent and suspicion in the ability of government-government failures. The political part starting from the point of regulating the government power, designs to restrict government power to enable the government to better serve the people.The second section is to look into the limited government ideology from two angles.Form the principal point of view, the limited government itself should be a mode of limited power, ability, size and responsibilities from the object point of view. It should be subject to political system, legal system and civil society. Then this part also describes the political practice of limited government in other developed countries.The third section gives a major review of government institution reforms, There are two phenomena which are always difficult to overcome: The vicious circle of "streamlining-expansion-further streamlining-further expansion" and serious corruption.The fourth section is the conclusion part. Through the introduction of limited government theory and analysis of current problems in government institutions, the author presents some enlightenments and suggestions for our service-oriented government building.
Keywords/Search Tags:limited government, Socialism with Chinese characteristics, service-oriented government, Enlightenment
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