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The Study On The Communication Among Shen Yang Goverment And The Party Leading Cadres

Posted on:2009-08-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360308479304Subject:Public Management
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The communication among the Party and government leading cadres is a great tradition of our Party. It is also and important measure on cadres training, management and their comprehensive quality improving, as well as the main content of our cadre system reform. Along with the development of the time and the requirement of the actual work, we should prompt the communication constantly, reinforce its momentum, perfect its system, create its forms, all these have important meaning to the reasonable flow of cadre resource and new mechanisms establishing on talents appointment to recruit talented personnel, to put their talents to best use.This article will be in close conjunction with the study of "the communication among the Party and government leading cadres", to consider the cadre communication on the basis of learning the advanced communication management experience from our history, from other provinces and other countries; To consider it on the level of the cadre system reform's strategy and direction; To research it as the big target of cadre talents training in the environment of optimal allocation. This article analyzes the problems existed currently and bring an idea of overall cadre communication to uphold to combine theory with practice. We hope the communication could play an active role in optimizing the structure of leading group and improving its art of leadership and governance, thus it could prompt the development of Shenyang's economy and society, and make a great contribution to the overall rejuvenation of this old industrial base.This article analyzes the current communication situation of the leading cadres in Shenyang government. It puts forward 4 aspects in our leading cadres communication, incorrect thought and knowledge, ambiguous allocation function, be short of long term plan and serious problem of "system barrier". It also analyzes the reason why there're problems during the communication process from the respects of locations, position and duty, communication working system, laws and regulations, etc.Through the study of this subject, this article redefines the meaning of "cadre communication" in the new era, riches and perfects its theory and provides our organization department a theory support and practice criterion on communication working strategy.To conjoin the cadre communication practice in Shenyang, the author make a systematic presenting and expounding towards the actual existed problems. As a theory support, it could help our organization department to eliminate all abuses and to solve conflicts. Finally, it creates a good atmosphere and new mechanism for cadre communication. This is a creative point that Shenyang and Liaoning government, even our central government, to draw on...
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