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The Comparative Study Of Governmental Public Crisis Management In "Sars" And "Wenchuan Earthquake"

Posted on:2011-12-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360308958553Subject:Administrative Management
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Public crisis is the situation or event which will affect or even threat the public's normal production and life seriously. It needs to be deal with by the government which is leading and other social subjects are participating in, in order to reduce the damage and the lossWith the rapid development of the global economy, human beings exploit ate and consume the natural resources uncontrolled, the contradiction between human beings and the nature have become increasingly prominent. At the same time, economic disparities, political differences and cultural conflicts exist still, and economic contradictions and social conflicts come and go continuously. Tsunamis, earthquakes, terrorist attacks, disease, violence and other crises broke out frequently; they bring devastating impact on people life and production. Deal with public crises is an important aspect of the government performing the functions of social management and public service. Perfect public crisis response mechanism and efficient public crisis response capability is an important manifestation of the government ability and management level. Construction public crisis management system of scientific decision and reaction can improve the efficiency and the capabilities of government public crisis management .It has important practical significance on maintaining people life and property security and stabling social order and.This study is based on crisis management theory and government functions theory. Firstly, it analyzed the classification, characteristics and influence of public crisis, and the government as a public affairs manager in response to the dominant position of public crisis. The Government has carried out public functions and duties of crisis management. Secondly, the paper selected two large public crises in China in recent years- "SARS" and "5.12 Wenchuan Earthquake", as a case study, reviewed and analyzed the Chinese government's public crisis behaviors. And then carried out a detailed comparative analysis on this two cases in crisis identify and warning early, crisis control treatment, crisis reconstruction, Information disclosure, and public relations aspects ,come out the progress and defect s in public crisis management of china in recent years. Based on the previous part of this study, the paper proposed of building the vertical and horizontal public crisis management system under the protection of the laws and regulations in the in the fifth par t. This system composed by the national crisis management, the provincial crisis management and county or city crisis management in vertically. It's including crisis prevention systems, crisis early warning system, crisis rapid response, coordination linkage, support system, information delivery systems, performance appraisal and supervision of the accountability system structure in horizontal.
Keywords/Search Tags:Public Crisis, Crisis Management, "SARS", "wenchuan earthquake"
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