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The Current Dunning Conditions Of Service Center Of Local Government Hall And The Analysis Of The Strategy

Posted on:2016-07-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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While "humanist", "the service government" and so on is in power the new idea unceasing to propose that our country Local authority administration service center develops from bottom to top. In unceasingly the thorough administrative examination system reform as well as is advancing gradually the implementation "the directly under the provincial party committee tube county" and "the big system" under the reform combined action, the regional administration service center development consummates day by day, it "the " one-stop " work style" the centralism administration examination provides for the public when the date is more highly effective the convenient service, also has agreed with the Local authority makes "the sunlight government affairs" the platform, the construction "the service government" the need. The county level administration service center most faces directly, the organization as the service public to implement the most front, the practice process most complex basic unit "the " one-stop " work style" to serve the platform, its theory support and the concrete practice are worth discussing. This article is precisely embarks from this, refers to the existing research results, attempts to construct one highly effective, high quality, the conveniently level administration service center to propose a mentality.ShiJiaZhuang city made a continuous exploration in service-oriented government construction in recent years. On the one hand, continue to promote the reform of the government itself, by focus on service orientation, the government tend to make reforms and adjustments on government functions, government structure, administrative operation mode, service mechanism, financial expenditure structure, etc, the purpose of this reform is to transform the government system, mechanisms, work style and continually strengthen government services. On the other hand, Jie Fang district pay attention to government transformation matching, emphasize on social basic level change, and finally promote community construction, improve community management and public service functions. The enlightenment of Jie Fang district is that, it provides a new style for county-district level government to build a community-based social management, "government-society” collaborative governance and a new guide to a community-based public service. However,Service-oriented government construction in Jie Fang district also has many deficiencies, Mainly shows that some reforms has not touched the deep institution system, the new operating system is still not consummate, the government function transformation is not in place, the responsibility restraint system is not perfect, the” government 一 society" collaborative governance model needs further Improvement, etc. Therefore, Jie Fang district is still face a lot of problems in further promoting service-oriented government construction, these problems are mainly shows in the area of concept constraint, the deficiency of cadre hiring and performance appraisal system, the irrational financial system, the lack of legal support etc.The innovation of this paper, the theory foundation of the construction of the administrative service center from the view of new public management, new public service, in the collection of various informative literature, investigation and empirical analysis of basic well on the full, empirical study of Shijiazhuang government affairs service center, providing reference for the construction of E-government services throughout the country the center, so that all parts of the country government affairs service center to better serve the economic and social development in the region. Therefore, must intensify planning of county level local service-oriented government construction; regulations issued standard government services; the reform of cadre appointment system; adjust the performance evaluation system of county government; legislation to speed up the construction of service government.
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