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Influence Of Tai Chi Simplified 24 For The Old Balance Ability Of Dynamic Study

Posted on:2012-01-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167330332997120Subject:Human Movement Science
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Tai Chi is a valuable heritage of our culture, and has unknowingly into our lives. Research is currently focused on the Taijiquan in culture, situation development, technical training, teaching and fitness, the fitness function has been widely recognized. Tai Chi not only to promote all aspects of body function, aging, body balance can also have a significant impact, but the current balance of tai chi for the elderly lack the ability to change the dynamic monitoring.In this paper, Chaoyang Park in Changchun City, elderly people practicing tai chi study, by 12 weeks of tai chi exercise in elderly balance changes during the dynamic monitoring indicators, establish suitable for the elderly Tai Chi practice intensity and duration to determine the Tai Chi boxing to improve balance function in elderly lower limb minimum practice time, for the development to provide a theoretical basis for exercise prescription.This research method mainly adopts: the literature material method, experimental measurement method, mathematical statistics, Test results show that increasing the static balance ability of women aged a minimum practice time is 10 weeks, 11 weeks old males; improve dynamic balance ability of older women is 10 weeks minimum practice time, while the older men compared with 9 weeks; improve older Girls in the minimum balance practice time is 13 weeks old men for 13 weeks. Summing up the results: 3 times a week, each exercise target heart rate of more than 20 minutes for 13 weeks of Tai Chi exercise can make older people to reach a stable value of balance no longer increased and maintained. The minimum balance to improve the old practice time of 13 weeks. For older people, balance, and stability control is an important factor in prevention of falls, further instructions, tai chi really is a worthwhile exercise to promote health care of older persons.
Keywords/Search Tags:Tai Chi, Old people, Balance ability
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