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Study On Evaluation Index System In The Higher Education Quality

Posted on:2012-10-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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At the end of 2009, the absolute size of China's higher education has been best among in the world. As the concept of higher education quality tends to rational, and the value of higher education has become increasingly prominent, people are more concerned about the situation of higher education and how to improve the quality of higher education. Assessment is recognized as the effective safeguard the important means to improve quality in China. As more attention on the assessment of higher education administration, universities and the community, assessment of higher education quality resolutely become an important part of the quality's accountability and security. The index system which is the core of the assessment determines the quality of the assessment, determines whether the assessment can reflects the real quality of higher education.The assessment and index system on higher education and the related study did not really understand the connotation of higher education quality, the studies wearing the hats of quality assessment, thinking various quality assurance factors as the quality of quality itself, but in fact did not really hold back the quality of higher education to design indicator system. The studies are fragmented, not a logical system and speculation is strong, emphasis on theory and problems of the research summary, lack of innovative thinking in theory. The studies stay in the general summary or experience level, the breadth of the survey is not enough, the analysis is not deep.In this study, the assessment of higher education quality directly related to indicators. it Integrated use of documentary analysis, sample survey of literature method and other methods which combined qualitative and quantitative methods, do a random sample of the composition, causes and build of the indicators of Quality Evaluation of Higher Education.First, collect national sample survey of existing literature, the specific composition of higher education quality evaluation index system can be seen in table 2-2.Second, there is a quantitative and qualitative analysis on commonly used indicators, the following is conclusions:(1) First dimension:Personnel training (78.13%), knowledge innovation (59.38%) are more concerned about the dimension of social services (43.75%),. (2)Personnel training:Focus on graduate quality indicators (62.50%), to some extent, index reflects personnel training goals, rigid-quality indicators and meaning-quality indicators are used in combination.Capacity (28.13%) is an important indicator to reflect students'development quality, aesthetic quality index (3.13%) needs more attention. Among graduate quality indicators, employment rate (31.25%) is the greatest concerned index, "professional self-assessment" "professional peer assessment" (9.38%) are not pay enough attention.(2)Knowledge Innovation:Indicator of knowledge development and transformation (53.13%) by the most attention. There is a high degree of attention to financial investment (25.00%) and social\economic contribution (46.88%); in the fourth indicators, total research funding in the school (25.00%), number of papers included (37.50%) and national key laboratories, engineering centers, research bases (34.38%) are the most common evaluation indicators among basis of strength, knowledge development and Transformation, discipline.(3)Social services:The adoption of efficiency indicators (25.00%) and combining production study and research have the most attention. Except scientific and technological achievements of economic, social indicator (28.13%), other indicators are low degree of attention.Then on this basis, research on the causes of the results, the study found that the content of higher education is vague, the quality standards are vary, the system lagged behind, the assessment idea is pertinence and emphasis on formal indicators are the most important reasons.Finally, in the above analysis, the study gave a preliminary construction from the side of theoretical and practical basis, guiding ideology and specific operations.Research value:(1) theoretical value. Redefined the concept of higher education quality and assessment from the target- function-reach angles, expanded the scope of study in the assessment of higher education quality. The study could benefit to the theory construction of higher education quality assessment and related fields, could play a reference role on gradually establish a complete, systematic and standardized quality assessment system, improve the assessment theory and guarantee the quality and level of higher education. (2)Practice value. The study on our quality assessment index system is still in the exploratory stage, there have been some problems in the assessment of the implementation process. The research lead to more attention to the higher education quality evaluation index system, provide a realistic basis on streamlining of indicators, adjust the index structure and establish core indicators.
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