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Study Of The Quality Control And Evaluation Of Experiment Teaching In Higher Education

Posted on:2007-02-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360212971839Subject:Industrial Engineering
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Beginning with basic concepts of experiment teaching at the beginning of the paper, and then introduced are the formation, tasks, purposes, characteristics, types and regularity of experiment teaching theory. Also studied in the paper are both the role and the position of experiment teaching at colleges and universities. From the above, the issue of administration of experiment teaching is deducted.The quality administration of colleges and universities lies in enhancing teaching quality, realizing goals of cultivation, and scientific administration and validity of experiment teaching, as a significant part of teaching at institutions of higher education, will affect teaching quality directly. In the paper, the elements, administration content and principle are systematically analyzed regarding experiment teaching quality. Through analysis of the current experience of administration, theories and methods of quality administration of enterprises are suggested to borrow in order to practise quality administration of experiment teaching.One of comprehensive quality administration is based upon comprehensive quality administration system whose model plays positive role in the application of experiment teaching administration. Based upon extensive data and personal sight, the paper, in considerable space, explores how to borrow quality administration in process and control theory in order to guide experiment teaching. Taking Shandon Jianzhu University as an example, the author analyzes the methods or strategies of administration and supervision, and explains the feasibility of comprehensive quality administration system applying to experiment teaching administration. Meanwhile, the author analyzes the problems in existence, thus putting forward some suggestions for improvement.All the factors affecting experiment teaching quality are profoundly analyzed in the paper, and practically in light of the instrument of physics laboratory of Shandon Jianzhu University, evidence analysis is carried out through fuzzy theory, evaluation index, establishing fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model of experiment teaching quality.The paper is divided into five parts. Part one studies background, meaning, approaches and methods; part two is an introduction of principles, tasks, characteristics, function etc. and their relation to comprehensive quality administration; part three explains the process administration and supervision strategies with specific cases; part four, based on the above, deals with the construction of evaluation model applied to the evaluation of experiment teaching quality by way of entropy value---fuzzy comprehensive method. And part five serves as a sum-up, pointing out new concepts and limits of the research and some suggestions are brought in for further research of quality administration of experiment teaching at institutions of higher education.
Keywords/Search Tags:institutions of higher education, experiment teaching, quality administration, process supervision, evaluation, fuzzy evaluation, evaluation model
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