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The Transformation Of Demographic Structure And Government Education Investment

Posted on:2012-06-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since 2006, coastal areas have a "labor shortage" situation, and this situation is gradually increasing in recent years, and then study the reasons for its deep-seated is that the upgrading of the industrial structure is not transformed. The company has much dependent on low labor costs to earn profits in the past. In the strong period of demographic dividend, there was an endless stream of labor can be put into production, but many studies in recent years at home and abroad display that China's demographic dividend is close to the "Lewis turning point". But in China depletion of the demographic dividend is in the different time with other countries, most countries happened after the rapid growth of the process of economy development into the "Lewis turning point", but for our rapid population growth since the early days of establishing the country, and then from the eighties the government start to implement of strict family planning, The rapid population of "downsizing", leading to rapid economic development in China is facing the rapid changes in population structure, that means we are to maintain rapid economic growth, to complete the demographic changes, This is for the government is bound to be a major challenge.In this paper, since the 1978 reform and opening up the factors that affect economic development, according to Cobb-Douglas production function model, to select the most direct impact on two major factors of economic development, physical capital stock and human capital stock of forty years in the future to predict China's population structure and economic development trend. In accordance with national development strategies that guarantee no less than 8%GDP growth for China's social security, economic prosperity and social stability, is play an important role, and then select the stock of human capital affects human capital in the most important factor in the population dependency ratio and education investment, quantitative analysis of the relationship between its GDP, due to family planning is one of the basic national policy can not be shaken, so we do not dependency than doing in-depth research, this article will focus on other aspects of human capital research. If we want to keep stable level of economic development, reduction of the working population must require enterprises to upgrade industrial structure, resulting in the labor force increased demand by education level; government investment in education will be conducted for quantitative analysis. Eventually come to, to keep our economy healthy and rapid development of the completion of the demographic transition requires government spending on education should at least maintain the level.
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