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College Students' Participation In The Course Of College Ideological And Political Theory

Posted on:2012-10-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z M WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167330335968389Subject:Ideological and political education
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Higher education focus on training students' subjectivity, while the students' participation is an important way to develop students' subjectivity. Ideological and Political Theory courses in colleges and universities are the main channel and main position of ideological and political education to college students, and shoulder the historical responsibility of training a new generation. However, in teaching and learning of ideological and political theory, for a long time, it mainly took the approach of instilling, and its teaching methods were relatively simple and single, so that students were in a passive state, and they were not really involved in teaching activities, and the development of student subjectivity is neglected. In response to this situation, this paper discussed students' participation in ideological and political theory class by combination methods of questionnaires, interviews, classroom observation and theoretical analysis. This paper is divided into five parts.Partâ… :Introduction, it mainly elaborates the topic's research significance, research status, research ideas and research methods, combines several viewpoints about the meaning of students participation, and defines student engagement in the teaching process of ideological and political theory and its characteristics are also analyzed.Partâ…¡:Necessity discussion, it discusses why it is necessary for ideological and political theory teaching to Focus attention on student participation.Partâ…¢:This section surveys and studies circumstances of Student participation in the teaching process of ideological and political theory courses from an empirical point of view, and on the basis of analyzing the survey results Summarizes the current problems students' participation, and then in detail analyzes possible causes of the problems of students' participation from the sides of knowledge of students, teaching conflicts, environmental milieu, course factors, teaching content, teaching methods and approaches, teachers etc, in order to arouse theory teachers pay attention to this issue.Partâ…£:This part discusses that it should hold what basic ideas in the process of ideological and political theory course in order to improve students' participate. It specifically includes the concept of promoting student development, the concept of developing student resources, the concept of respecting the subject differences, the concept of activities, freedom and democracy.Partâ…¤:How to promote students to the participation in the propose of measures, namely grasping students' needs in order to stimulate their motivation of course participation; contacting students' actualities to the course, forming a lively course content to stir theirs interest in participation; using a variety of teaching methods to create the conditions for students' participation; creating a dynamic and harmonious teaching atmosphere to encourage theirs participation; enhancing teachers charisma to mobilize theirs emotions in course participation; evaluating, timely and reasonable, the efficiency of students' participation to improve its validity.
Keywords/Search Tags:Colleges and universities, Ideological and political theory courses, Teaching and learning, College students, Student participation
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