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Honnett Acknowledges The Enlightenment Of The Theory On The Relationship Between Teachers And Students In The Ideological And Political Construction Of College Courses

Posted on:2022-05-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2517306722989589Subject:Ideological and political education
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Teachers are the leaders of curriculum ideological and political education and play a central role in improving teaching quality.Teachers and students effectively admit that the establishment of relationship is an important part of curriculum ideological and political construction,which plays an important role in guiding students' value orientation and shaping teachers and students' personality.As the leading figure of Frankfurt School,Honnet is based on the critical inheritance of Hegel,Marx,Habermas,innovatively put forward the recognition model of "love and self-confidence,law and respect,unity and self-respect ".In essence,it is an exploration of the harmonious and just social ethics model based on the interactive recognition relationship between subjects,which is of great significance to the construction of teacher-student recognition relationship.However,from the perspective of recognition theory,it is found that the construction of teacher-student relationship in the construction of curriculum ideological and political education has not been paid enough attention to and fully explored as the key link to ensure the quality of curriculum ideological and political education.Based on Honnett's recognition theory,this paper makes a new exploration of the recognition direction of the relationship between teachers and students,and tries to study the innovative countermeasures of constructing the relationship between te achers and students.The text consists of three parts: the basic connotation of Horne tt's admission theory and the relationship between teachers and students,the present situation of the construction of the relationship between teachers and students and the countermeasures to realize the relationship between teachers and students.On the basis of clarifying the basic meaning of Hornett's theory of recognition and the relationship between teachers and students in college curriculum,this paper clarifie s the essential difference between the relationship between teachers and students an d the traditional professional teacher-student relationship,and discusses the commun ication pattern of mutual recognition between teachers and students.In the research of construction status,according to the three-level recognition model of Hornet,th is paper summarizes the rational aspects of love and emotion,mutual respect and beneficial exploration of social importance in the construction of teacher-student rec ognition relationship,and sums up the important factors to eliminate the constructio n of recognition relationship.In the study of countermeasures,according to the theory of recognition,the author puts forward the countermeasures about the development of teacher-student recognition relationship from three aspects: the awakening of love and self-confidence,the empowerment of right and self-esteem,the realization of unity and self-respect,the consolidation of original recognition based on emotional identity,the triggering of consciousness of two-way others,the development of complete self-discipline and love and self-confidence of teachers and students,the standardization of teachers' rights and authority,the guarantee of the independent rights of educational objects,the establishment of two-way communication platform between teachers and students,and the transformation of the paradigm of mutual recognition psychological foundation shaping,reflective spirit and critical consciousness cultivation,and recognition effect evaluation.In general,the article tries to take the recognition theory as the theoretical source,the three recognition models as the core support,the problem analysis and the countermeasure inquiry as the basic domain,the theoretical speculation as the main research method,from the connotation induction to the common exploration,to the present situation advantage and problem analysis,and to the practical countermeasures.
Keywords/Search Tags:Teacher-Student Recognition Relationship, Curriculum Ideological and Political Education, Teacher-Student Relationship in Colleges and Universities, Hornett's Theory of Recognition
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