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Classic Wrestling On Sports Injuries And Induced Factors

Posted on:2012-07-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Greco-roman wrestling is a skills leading grapple adversarial program, it is a two body contact, unarmed competition, highly competitive sports. Due to its strong backlash, competition is intense, exercise intensity, and technical movement change much and irregular, therefore, Athletes injured possibility is very large in training game. Especially under the Greco -roman wrestling competition rules in 2005, Greco -roman wrestling scoring difficulty increase, more and more competition, sports injury incidence caused have also risen sharply in training and competition. Sports damage occurs will damage sports training systemic, influence training effect and competition record enhancement, bring athletes physical and mental pressure, but also bring the country great waste of manpower and material resources. Therefore, it is an important and urgently problems that how to decrease or eliminate Greco -roman wrestling athletes damage occurs.Based on the 20 state-backed programmes athletes that attend the 2010's guangzhou Asian greco-roman wrestling match, using interview, questionnaire and mathematical statistics, this paper study the greco-roman wrestling athletes sports injury situation, understand greco-roman wrestling sports injury project characteristics and damage degree, injury factor etc,and find problems and find countermeasures, improve the pertinence training work coaches and scientific in survey results feedback information, improve athletes sports injury protection consciousness, prolong sporting life, improve training efficiency and sports results. The results were as follows:(1) greco-roman wrestling athletes sports injury prevention, 100% rate is very high, average sicken 2.75); (2) injury parts: damage order sigmoidal 23.64%), head waist (21.82%), face (14.55%), wrist ministry (12.73%), knee (10.91%), shoulder the elbow (9.09%), neck (ankle), chest 5.45% department (1.82%); rib department ((3) injury diseases: with acute lumbar sprain was highest (prealence 30%), the second is the ear swelling in 4 (prealence 20%), 4 cases (teeth bump pine rates 20%), cubits feet side 4 cases (deputy toughening injury rates 20%), lumbar horizontal axon terminal disease morbidity in 3 cases (15%), eyebrow bone place skin crack three patients (15%), knuckles contusions prealence of 3 patients (prealence 15%), deltoid muscle strain rates three patients (15%);(4) injury induced factor: special training injury factor, accounted for most 34.55% proportion, followed by physical training factors 12.73% 25.45%, competition factors. Injury reason: technical movement is not standard and special training for damage occurs against injury, the main causes of 30.91% and 23.64% respectively. Strength training arrangement inappropriate also cause greco-roman wrestling damage another main reason, 20%.
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