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Inner Mongolia Man Greco-roman Wrestling Team Physical Training Experimental Research

Posted on:2014-03-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330398481134Subject:Physical Education Teaching and Training
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Men’s Greco-Roman wrestling team in Inner Mongolia has achieved good results since its founding, especially in the Ⅴ、Ⅵ Ⅶ National Sports Games, it achieved remarkable results. But in recent years, it could not retain the tradition of the advantages of the project, and it has not had outstanding achievements over the last decade. The reason mainly is a lag in training concepts, training methods and means stale, especially in physical training, we have not found a breakthrough point that the Greco-Roman wrestling project has been in a sluggish state.In this study, based on modern training theory to the project and the characteristics of the law of the Greco-Roman wrestling project study, we want to find re-understanding of physical training on Greco-Roman wrestling. We selected Men’s Greco-Roman wrestling athletes in Inner Mongolia as the research object, developed the men’s Greco-Roman wrestling athletes targeted physical training program according to the team training problems, carried out targeted training, compared the physical training indicators before and after the experiment, and obtained the desired effect.Using literature study, expert’s interview, questionnaire and experimental research; we study the wrestling project characteristics and laws of it and propose Commentary. Based on the results of studies and combined with the characteristics of the project, we try to analyze the current situation of the Inner Mongolia men’s Greco-Roman wrestling.The study results show that:while the Men’s Greco-Roman wrestling team in Inner Mongolia is in training, it should be emphasized that the athletes proactive is the major means of scoring, but the number of active attack is limited, and it stands little proportion of time used; defensive time in the entire field occupies the vast majority of the game time, To defensive without losing points is the main elements to win the game. Besides mastering the offense, defense and defensive counterattack technology, the athletics also need to have higher levels of physical level of reserves as a guarantee. The diet and nutrition of men’s Greco-Roman wrestler is also an important reason to affect the level of bodily functions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Inner Mongolia, Greco-Roman wrestling, physical training, experimental study
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