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The Future Labor Supply Change Under The Condition Of China's Low Birth Rate

Posted on:2012-11-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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China is a populous country, population and demographic problems have been plaguing us. Since 1970 the government encourage family planning policy, our country's fertility levels have dropped to below the replacement level, but the labor market came out some problems, such as "Immigrant Flood", "Labor Shortage", "Large Return of Migrant Workers" and other issues, it make deep concern about how the labor supply will develop. Demographic, economic, social and many other factors affect the labor supply, of which the population factors are the most basic aspects; the population of working-age population is a fundamental part of the potential labor force. At first, this article describes some problems which caused by the reduce of fertility and total population, then I analysis the labor supply situation in micro and macro areas, at the same time, I predict the change trend of labor supply in different fertility plans during the next 40 years; at last, on the bases of date I came some conclusions that family planning project should adhere to the main theme of development in our population and family planning work in the future, and place emphasis on stabilizing the low fertility level and improving the quality of the newborn population.
Keywords/Search Tags:low birth rate, labor supply, population aging, labor force participation rate
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