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The Influence Of Population Aging On China’s Economic Growth Analysis

Posted on:2015-01-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Population aging problem has drawn attention in today’s world, the agingproblem has become the countries around the world will face a major social problem.Because of declining fertility rates, and declining mortality rate and the average lifeexpectancy by medical level and higher living standards to extend, under theinfluence of these three factors, except a handful of countries, most of the countriesaround the world has entered into or are about to enter an aging society, the process isnot only the elderly population is on the rise, more important is will with theincreasing of elderly population. An aging population has become a country or aregion has to face the challenging problems.The main content of this paper is an aging population on economic growth,mainly focused on the influence of the labor force participation rate on economicgrowth, through the study of the aging of population the number of the labor agepopulation and the influence of age structure, and analyzed the change trend of laborparticipation rate, so as to analyze the change of labor participation rate in our countryin the future the influence degree of the trend of economic growth.This paper is divided into six chapters, the first chapter is the introduction part,mainly through the introduction of the paper research background and significance oftopic selection, and by describing the domestic and foreign research progress of theaging of the population, especially for an aging population research results oneconomic growth are analyzed, and finally simply introduces the research ideas andmethods; The second chapter, describes in detail the aging of the populationcorrelation theory and the theory of population aging on economic growth; The thirdchapter for the key part of the paper, according to the relevant data of China’s agingpopulation change process and the future trends of a detailed analysis. Chapter IV isan important part of the paper, the population aging influence on labor participation rate, and the change trend of labor participation rate in our country in the future. Thefifth chapter is analysis of the influence of labor participation rate on economicgrowth, with the method of regression analysis. The last chapter the author accordingto the influence of population aging on economic growth, put forward the relevantpolicy recommendations, to deal with by an aging population brings adverse impacton economic growth.
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