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Rethinking And Reestablishing Knowledge System In Chinese Curriculum

Posted on:2006-05-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Content: In the background of extensive curriculum reform, the view of" not pursue the knowledge system intentionally" has been put forward in 21 centuries' Chinese curriculum standard. The old Chinese knowledge system was broken, but the new Chinese knowledge system has not been established yd. Constructing the new Chinese knowledge system is not only an important content of Chinese curriculum reform, but also a mission of the utmost urgency. Lot of methods are used in this research, such as literature analysis, comparison method and so on. Based on the productions of the formers. The purpose of the thesis is that, through doing deep research in the condition of Chinese knowledge system, drawing a conclusion of its disadvantages, and combined the view of the current curriculum reform, and drawing lessons from foreign language knowledge, We will put forward the reasonable thought of reestablishing Chinese knowledge system, which will provide a way of reconstructing Chinese knowledge system for Chinese educational field. At the beginning of the thesis, the mistaken view of the current Chinese curriculum standard is analyzed, and reestablishment of new Chinese knowledge system is pointed out to be based on the condition of the old Chinese knowledge system. Then, from three aspects: the Chinese knowledge construction system, and the showing of Chinese knowledge and its content, the disadvantages of Chinese knowledge system were greatly analyzed. Chinese knowledge is a narrow knowledge system, its contents are considered heavy, difficult, partial and old, the knowledge construction is not only unreasonable, somewhat theoretical and partial in state, but also lack in activity and operation. Therefore, we put forward five ways of constructing Chinese knowledge system. First, from the curriculum knowledge construction, the Chinese knowledge system should be established at the corporation of knowledge system construction and the application of knowledge construction; Secondly, from the content of Chinese language and teaching aim, the speech teaching knowledge system can be constructed; Thirdly, from the modern cognitive psychology, Chinese knowledge system must be changed from the declarative knowledge into procedural knowledge; Fourthly, the influence of the present post-modern knowledge view tells us that situational and critical knowledge should be strengthened in Chinese knowledge system; Fifthly, from the relationship of leaching and learning, we must not neglect the function of teachers and students tacit knowledge. These aspects consist of a new language knowledge system which has different characteristics between the new Chinese knowledge system and the old one: speech application, scenario, construction and structural.
Keywords/Search Tags:Chinese knowledge, Chinese knowledge system, Knowledge construction, Speech teaching knowledge system, Declarative knowledge, Procedural knowledge
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