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A Brief Analysis Of Knowledge System Of Junior Middle School Chinese Textbooks

Posted on:2012-04-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As stated in"Chinese Curriculum Standard". Chinese is the most important communication tool and also an important part of human culture. As a tool, Chinese education should emphasize Chinese knowledge to make Chinese knowledge system not only beneficial to the junior middle school Chinese teaching practice but also teach students to learn. The Chinese knowledge system which has been building since ancient times and reached the peak at 80s of last century are still in the process of improvement. According to the three aspects of Chinese knowledge: declarative knowledge, procedural knowledge and strategical knowledge and combining with teaching practice and experience, this article discusses Chinese knowledge teaching of junior middle school and the strategies and methods based on different types of knowledge and phases of teaching. It is emphasized in the analysis of procedural knowledge and strategical knowledge teaching of handwriting, basic grammar, reading comprehensive and composition based on Chinese curriculum standard and junior high school Chinese teaching material. Specific Category of Chinese knowledge and related teaching methods improves not only the efficiency of teaching but also the learning abilities of students.
Keywords/Search Tags:Teaching of Chinese knowledge, Declarative knowledge, Procedural knowledge, Strategical knowledge
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