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Study Of The Situation And The Assessment Index System Of Informatization At Primary And Middle Schools In Sichuan Province

Posted on:2006-06-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360152986113Subject:Education Technology
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Informatization of education refers to a systematic project that regards advanced educational thought as its instruction, modern information technology as its means, full use of information resources as its focus, and creative talents adapted to information society as its aim in order to cultivate and enhance students' qualities of information and better educational process and realize modernization of education. It is of great significance to establish Informatization of education, which helps to transform educational thought and ideas, promote reform of teaching, speed up the realization of modernization of educational development and means of management, especially further reform basic education, advance quality and beneficial results of college education, and cultivate creative talents that faces modernization, the world and the future.The end of 1998 witnessed the establishment of Promotion Plan of 21st Education by Educational Ministry, which officially lifted the veil of informatization of education in our country. Supported by the central government and educational ministry under their effective instruction and policies, Informatization of education in our country develops rapidly. However, affected by economy, thoughts and facultiesand so on, it lost its balance. Especially in western provinces and cities, their economy was undeveloped comparatively, which, in turn, impedes the development of Informatization of education. As for the development of informatization of education in West China, it is necessary to look into its present situation urgently and exactly, and lay down relevant index systems of evaluation, which will help to regulate, instruct, assess and promote Informatization of education at primary and middle schools in West China, healthful and rapid.By the survey of the situation of informatization of education at primary and middle schools in Sichuan province, it is known that informatization of education in our province has made a certain achievement, but there are still such problems as lack of money in establishment, slow development of informatization, low quality of informatization for teachers and narrow popularization of informatization, etc.. This paper holds that the primary and middle schools in our province ought to focus their work on the following aspects in future. First, raise funds by any means available and reinforce the establishment of informatization. Second, attach importance to the expansion of educational resources, and enhance rate and effectiveness of use of resources and medium equipments. Third, strengthen the results of training, heighten quality of informatization for teachers and renew ideology of education.On the basis of analyzing the concept, basic theory, feathers, contents and significance of educational informatization, the paper probes into the situation of informatization of education at primary and middle schools in Sichuan province in details, brings forth the principle, approach and basic factors of index systems of evaluation, and invents softwares of index systems of evaluation in educational informatization for the purpose that superordinates can assess the level of educational informatization of primary and middle schools and the schools assess themselves too in order to promote the development of educational informatization. In this paper, the index systems of evaluation of educational informatization are divided into five aspects, namely, organization and management, establishment of basic equipments, establishment of teaching resources, application of informatization and talents of informatization.
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