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Research On Problems Of Teacher Troops Construction In Educational Technology Specialty

Posted on:2006-10-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L Y ZhuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360152986671Subject:Education Technology
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With the development of modern educational technology and the in-depth, widely application of information technology in the domain of education, the growth of educational technology specialty in our country is receiving great attention from society. The combination of educational technology and teaching is pushing forward the all-side reform of educational theory, educational pattern and educational method. Looking educational technology as the breakthrough point and culmination has been a common point of view. Educational technology brings the advent of climax of studying educational technology theory and applying educational technology method. However, we cannot neglect questions exist in the domain of educational technology specialty. In our daily working and life, we found phenomena like these: (1) people lack good understanding of educational technology; (2) the employment foreground for students whose major is educational technology is not optimistic. There may be many deep-seated questions behind these simple phenomena. How to resolve them to make educational technology specialty develop healthily and fast? Aiming at these questions, this article sets out from the construction of teaching troop. With the investigation on-line and questionnaire, we analyzed the actuality of teaching troop in educational technology specialty and discussed the questions we found. We found the level of professional knowledge and integrative quality is a extrusive question. Besides, the attitude towards teaching, the relationship between teachers and students and teaching method are looking forward to being improved. The teacher group construction is the kernel contends in a specialty construction or a discipline construction. So, in order to reinforce a specialty construction, some measures have to be taken to reinforce the teacher group construction. In our country, some questions exist in the professional teacher group of educational technology specialty have left the developing step of this specialty or discipline. As a result, it is imperative under the situation that we construct a good educational technology teacher group. Aiming at these problems, we made some suggestions at aspects of specialty development, specialty orientation, quality improvement and managing system.
Keywords/Search Tags:the specialty of educational technology, construction of teaching troop, development of subject
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