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The Intuition Thinking In The Mathematical Problem Solving

Posted on:2006-10-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The key of cultivating talented persons & enhancing their qualifcitions consists in the educating of thinking ability. And intuition thinking plays a special of role in educating the students creative power and creative consciousness. Therefore, in high school mathematics teaching. We should not only pay attention to the function of the intuition thinking, but also reinfirce the education of student intuition thinking.This paper primarily studies the meaning of the intuition thinking, the necessity and importance of the intuition thinking cultivated, as well as the factors influencing the intuition thinking. Then it emphasizes on the strategy of cultivating the student's intuition thinking in the problem solving.In the first section, the paper illustrats the necessity of cultivating the intuition thinking by combining the present condition of our country education and brought up the paper outline.In the second section, the paper explaines the meaning of the intuition thinking, and studies the importance of the mathematical intuition thinking in the study. Then by using the theory of the problem solving, it shows the function of the intuition thinking in the problem solving.In the third section, the paper researches the cultivating strategy of the mathematical intuition thinking by analyzing the factor of influencing the mathematical intuition thinking. It discusses how to cultivate the intuition thinking in the problem solving from several aspects such as improving the teachers' abilities, changing the teaching method, developing the perception construction which the students have already had, and the thinking of putting importance on the intuition.Finally regarding the above research as guidance, I established the experiment project to educate the mathematics intuition thinking, and spent one academic year doing the mathematical experiment. The experiment result explains that the problem solution is the beneficial path to educate the student's ability of intuition thinking and it can promote the student's creation development in the process of educating the intuition thinking.
Keywords/Search Tags:Intuition Thinking, Problems Solving, Mathematics Teaching, Educating Strategy
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