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Cultivating Intuition Thinking In High School Physics Problem Solving

Posted on:2011-08-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Teachers teaching in the traditional emphasis on logical thinking, often neglected intuitive thinking, intuitive thinking, creativity and problem solving in that it played a catalytic role is to other forms of thinking can not be compared. Teaching students how to intuitive thinking, practical research significance.From the perspective of high school physics problem solving to proceed, the existing basis of academic research to explain the physical intuition of the meaning of the theoretical basis of its production and generation mechanism, analyzes the impact of physical factors of intuitive thinking, problem-solving process is concluded Cultivating intuition six teaching strategies, implement and test its effectiveness. The process of research use of literature study, test, interview, experiment. Conclusions are as follows: Correct understanding of intuition, to improve the quality of teachers; into intuitive components to form new teaching ideas; rich intuitive material, improve the cognitive structure; strengthen the teaching, training observation and imagination; attention to intuitive reflection, ability to improve general induction; play physical beauty to guide the direction of effect.In problem-solving training to strengthen intuitive thinking, attention to physical intuition thinking teaching strategies infiltration, the students understanding of physical knowledge, to master the use of more skilled and agile, creative thinking ability has been increased.Importance in the problem-solving in the infiltration of intuitive thinking strategies to train students in the intuitive thinking, help develop students ability to innovate and improve problem solving ability. Intuition suggests that teachers pay attention to the training.
Keywords/Search Tags:Physics Intuition Thinking, Problem-solving, Training strategy
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