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The Evaluation Study On Student Comprehensive Quality Of Shandong University Of Finance

Posted on:2006-03-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y N ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360182976169Subject:Industrial Engineering
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Building a socialist harmonious society needs the person with ability cultivated byhigher education having good mentality quality knowledge framework and the abilityof meeting an emergency which are indispensable to rising to the challenge andinternational competition. Comprehensive quality education becomes the need ofcreating harmonious society. Times require the ideological and moral quality,professional quality, culture quality and physical and mental quality of collegestudents must develop harmoniously. On the basis the college students may have theability of building our country and harmonious society. It is very necessarycultivating the comprehensive quality of college students. This paper studies thestudent comprehensive quality evaluation system of Shandong University of Financeon the background.In the first place, the article introduces the meaning and the four aspects ofcomprehensive quality, which are ideological and moral quality, professional quality,culture quality and physical and mental quality, and the content and program ofcomprehensive quality evaluation. Secondly this paper analyses the actuality ofstudent comprehensive quality and comprehensive quality evaluation in ShandongUniversity of Finance and the reason. In allusion to limitation this paper designsstudent comprehensive quality evaluation index system. The index system consists offour first-rank evaluation indexes, which are ideological and moral quality,professional quality, culture quality and physical and mental quality. The entirefirst-rank indexes contain twenty-eight original or derivate second-rank indexes.Principal component analysis is an important analysis method in the multianalysis.This method can solve correlative indexes problem by decreasing dimensions andgetting several comprehensive factors. Using the principal component analysis, thepaper evaluates thirty students of engineering management class of 2001 grade inShandong University of Finance. Finally, on the strength of analysis, the paper putsforward policy advice improving student comprehensive quality of ShandongUniversity of Finance from the four aspects.
Keywords/Search Tags:Comprehensive Quality, Comprehensive Quality Evaluation, Evaluation Index System, Principal Component Analysis, Policy advice
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