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A Case Study On Educational Stakeholders Influence During The School Based Curriculum Development

Posted on:2007-01-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L N ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360185461544Subject:Principles of Education
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The school-based curriculum educational stakeholders are those people who have got the effect of the school-based curriculum development.This article which belongs to the document research, namely attempts to discuss about the educational stakeholders during the school based curriculum development in one school, and expected to find the Influence Power of the Shanghai W high school's educational stakeholders in different stages of the school based curriculum development, and give some suggestions according to the status of the W high school in Shanghai.After the data collection and the reorganization, the paper draws the conclusion: In various stages of the W high school-based curriculum, various educational stakeholders have the different influence status respectively, and in certain stages, the function which some educational stakeholders display should have fails to show, even some educational stakeholders are absent, so the W high school should make some changes.The paper mainly has the following several partial compositions:The first part is the research background and the goal. Including the reason of this research why selected this topic and the research background, as well as the goal which this research attempts to be achieved.The second part studies the question. It includes the research aim and concrete content of the paper.The third part is the literature summary. Mainly including the paper core concepts, It has summarized the correlated research about school-based curriculum and the education stakeholders in the domestic and foreign countries.The fourth part is the research method. Mainly to explain why chooses these document research technique and the W high school in Shanghai , as well as makes the detailed elaboration of the each concrete research technique which uses to the paper.
Keywords/Search Tags:The school based curriculum development, the educational stakeholder, The influence power
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