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Study On Diversification Of Undergraduate Education In China

Posted on:2007-03-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H Y DanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360185486556Subject:Higher Education
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The undergraduate education is the basic higher education; it is not only the main body of the modern higher education system, but also the fundamentality of a university. Nowadays, the undergraduate education becomes similar excessively because they mostly pursues "high, big and whole", takes the aim at the top-grade university or the research-oriented university blindly, and neglects the characteristic of the different kinds of faculties. Aiming at the actuality as above, this research involves following aspects:Firstly, the diversification has been a realistic choice for the undergraduate education in our country: the higher education has become popular; the societal requirements have become multi-dimensional;Secondly, in order to discuss the contents of the undergraduate education diversification, by dividing the undergraduate education into three categories: the research-oriented university, the teaching and research oriented university, and the teaching-oriented university, this research analyses and compares their education target, education pattern and quality evaluation.Finally, this research put forward some ideas about our undergraduate education diversification as following: Setting a conception of undergraduate education diversification; insisting a collaborative development of elite undergraduate education and populace undergraduate education; advocating a competition system in the higher education.In theory, this dissertation research the issue of undergraduate education diversification systematically; in practice, this dissertation is helpful for changing the seriously similar state of our undergraduate education, accelerating the development of undergraduate education diversification, and further promoting the persistent development of the whole higher education.
Keywords/Search Tags:Undergraduate Education, Diversification, Education Target, Education Pattern, Quality Evaluation
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