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Local Undergraduate College Teaching Quality Evaluation Studies

Posted on:2010-03-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y L HuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2207360278970205Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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The quality of teaching is one of the core issues in higher education research, and also a concentrated expression of school running level and colleges and universities competitiveness. In the situation of internationalization of higher education increasing today, a general undergraduate institutions places from the actual situation and reflects the school-running characteristics, we must pay more attention to the quality of teaching issues. As a result, from their own point of view, to question the quality of teaching in schools and to conduct a comprehensive, scientific evaluation, naturally has become a prerequisite to upgrade the quality of teaching.In this paper, we base on literature research and theoretical analysis and characteristics of the general undergraduate institutions. We regard teaching evaluation as the subject, the application of model-based training as the main line , cover the factors on the quality of teaching, classroom teaching, practice teaching, teaching management, teaching effects of the overall evaluation of the quality as studying ideas. Our study are based on the evaluation model of index quantification, and we set up of index system and evaluation of methods of selection as the focus of the study. Through empirical analysis we test the index system and the evaluation method.Concretely speaking, the main job and the results are as follows:(1) Construction of the target system of internal teaching quality evaluation for the undergraduate teaching institutions. In this paper, by using the collection of information, expert interviews, questionnaire, basing on evaluation on the basic indicators, using statistical methods and statistical software SPSS 13.0 analysis and testing, we rationally determine the general quality of undergraduate teaching evaluation index system of the three-tier. Through AHP Analytic Hierarchy Process we determine the weight of the target, as well as to provide a practical reference to improve the quality of teaching. (2) We carry out comparative study on methods of Teaching Quality Assessment. We study the applications of simple linear weighting method, gray correlation analysis method, improved fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method, entropy method in the area of evaluation on teaching quality. The corresponding conclusions is that the choice of evaluation methods for the evaluation results of scientific and reliable plays a decisive role.(3) We study the results of the fuzzy Borda combination evaluation method, based on fuzzy clustering and range of possible degree of portfolio evaluation method, based on OWA operator evaluation method in teaching quality assessment fields. We also analyze and compare a single comprehensive evaluation methods and a comparative analysis of methods to enrich the comprehensive evaluation methods and combination evaluation method on the application in the area of evaluation about teaching quality.(4) The target system and the evaluation of the method have been demonstrated the effectiveness through examples of analysis. We use a place in Hunan Province as an example of ordinary undergraduate institutions. Based on the target system we design the questionnaire and access to data; and the use of three methods about a single comprehensive evaluation method and a combination evaluation method to evaluate the quality of teaching. Evaluation results show that the combination of the evaluation method is effective and feasible.
Keywords/Search Tags:undergraduate institutions, teaching quality, evaluation target system, single comprehensive evaluation, combination evaluation
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