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The Designment And Experiment Research Of The Study Evaluation Model In The Ordinary Universities Volleyball Option Class

Posted on:2007-05-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360212467576Subject:Physical Education and Training
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Along with the embedding of ordinary universities and colleges'innovating, new school didactical systems which facing twenty-one century are bedrocked in ordinary universities and colleges. In the present age of knowledge economies and innovate inspirits, the transformation of college P.E education that examining test change to diathesis examination are becoming exigent. Although lots of uninterrupted innovations had been passed through,at the same time the fruits of ordinary universities and colleges'innovating had been got, the practical effects are unsatisfying.These effects looks"suppositional slogan, slow action". The causation is that we have overlooked a important portion of educateing innovation ---test and examination assess .So the disharmony between P.E courses examine assess reformation and teaching content has been appeared.This research will combine with the dynamic process evaluation and the summary disposition union, the qualitative evaluation and the quantitative evaluation, the absolute evaluation and the relative evaluation, the teacher evaluation and the student evaluation each other in the ordinary universities volleyball option class study evaluation. Through the reform of the study evaluation method to make the students to study sport and participate physical exercise consciously better, advancing student's body and mind and health. This article combine with the literature review law , the investigation law, experiment research law and the mathematical statistic law and so on, designing the study evaluation method in the ordinary universities volleyball option class, and do experiment to research this study evaluation'validity, reliability and feasibility. . Main conclusions:1 It is necessary and feasible to bring the progress scope of the sports study evaluates into the study result evaluation. It is advantageous to the students'study...
Keywords/Search Tags:Ordinary universities, The teaching, academic record, Evaluation methods, Design and manufacture
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