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Effects Of Career Decision-making Difficulty On Career Decision-Making Process

Posted on:2009-04-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z Q MengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360272991227Subject:Applied Psychology
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Every person will encounter the career decision-making in his life. Different occupation means different life style. Decision-Making and judgment are fundamental activities in our lives, and we need make decision constantly. Although not all of decisions are important, some are really very important. E.g. career decision-making. It has important theoretic and practice meaning to study the impact of career decision-making difficulty on career decision-making process.There are three parts in this career decision-making and decision-making is a multistage paper. In the first part reviewed the researches about career decision-making process and career decision-making difficulty.In the second part have two specific studies. One is the relationship of career decision-making difficulty and career decision-making self-efficacy, which show there are different extent gender differences between career decision-making difficulty and career decision-making'different dimensions. There also have different impact of career decision-making difficulty's three dimensions on career decision-making's each dimension. The other is the effect of career decision-making difficulty on career decision-making's strategy which indicates career decision-making is a bounded rationality and multistage decision-making process. There are different influences of career decision-making difficulty's each dimension on time of decision-making, depth of search and pattern of search in career decision-making.In the last part, the whole study is reviewed and the actual values are pointed out.Then the deficiency in the study and the expectation in future study are put forward.
Keywords/Search Tags:career decision-making career decision-making difficulty, career decision-making self-efficacy, strategy of career decision-making, information processing process
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