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The Study On The Career Decision-Making Self-Efficacy Of The College Students In Guangzhou

Posted on:2008-09-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360215496296Subject:Applied Psychology
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With the heated competition and pressure for jobs, how to make a fit occupation choice is a crucial decision made by graduates under the influence of subjective and objective factors, so developing and increasing student's ability of career decision making is one of the major tasks of students and colleges. Recent years, the research of career decision-making self-efficacy has become one of the critical issues in the fields of career decision-making, and provides the methods to counseling and valuing students' career action such as career decision-making difficulties.So, the purpose of this dissertation is to investigate the structure of career decision-making self-efficacy of colleges students in Guangzhou, using the methods of literatures, interview, and questionnaire. The results lay a theoretical foundation and practical direction for developing students' career decision-making self-efficacy. More than 1000 graduates in Guangzhou were surveyed. The main conclusions are as the following:First, the content of career decision-making self-efficacy consisted of four factors for graduates, which included self-cognition, problem-solving, career-seeking, career-layout. And the reliability and validity of the questionnaire were highly enough.Second, discussion the relationship between the career decision-making self-efficacy and their consequences by structural equation modeling, such as expectation of career decision-making and career decision-making difficulties. It was discovered that expectation of career decision-making was positively correlated with the career decision-making self-efficacy; career decision-making difficulties was negatively correlated with the career decision-making self-efficacy.Third, discussion about the demographical variables effects on the contents of career decision-making self-efficacy.Current limitations and future research orientation were also discussed at the end of the dissertation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Career decision-making, Career decision-making self-efficacy, Career decision-making difficulties
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