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On Construction Of Full-time Teachers' Ranks In Private Higher Education Of Shaanxi Province

Posted on:2008-07-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360215964864Subject:Higher Education
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Private higher education is an important component of higher education, which plays an influential role in the process of deep reforming and promoting the popularization of higher education. Since its founding in 1984, private higher education in Shaanxi province has grown from small scale to large scale and from weak to strong. It has being at the forefront of the country both with respect to the development speed, the scale and the education quality, which has been documented as " Shaanxi phenomenon" by researchers. Higher education in china has entered a stage of mass education. Meanwhile, private universities are facing an unprecedented opportunity for development. However, such problems as teachers weak in strength and poor stability are still one of the obstacles which restricts the development of private universities. Therefore, optimizing teachers' management mechanisms and establishing teachers' ranks of superior quality and high stability are the important guarantees for long-term development of private universities.This thesis selects the full-time teachers in private universities in shaanxi province as study subjects. Firstly, the paper gives a brief introduction about the development of private higher education in shaanxi province, and further explains the significance of building a full-time teachers' ranks in private universities. Secondly, by introducing such the classical theory of human resources management as "Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory "and "Professional teacher theory", and by using detailed date and reliable materials, it analyzes the construction of full-time teachers' ranks in private higher education in shaanxi province, concludes that there exist many problem in the construction and management of the ranks such as the irrational structure, unstable teachers' ranks and greater mobility etc. Meanwhile, the paper analyzes the multi-level reasons from multi-angles. Lastly, the paper puts forward the specific measures of promoting the construction of full-time teachers' ranks in private universities in internal and external circumstances. On the layers of ideal, private universities must set up the idea of constructing teachers' ranks. On the layers of government, the paper pointed out the government should establish the financial aids system, building the qualifications recognized system and so on, On the layers of colleges and universities, suggesting managers to increase the number of full-time teachers, improve the campus cultural environment, construct internal management system and so on.The thesis mainly uses the method of educational literature and the method of content analysis to construct the main question to the full-time teacher' ranks which exists to carry on the analysis. So as to work out a scientific method for teachers' development of private universities in shaanxi province and even in the whole country in hope of overcoming the shortage in private education. This research in this thesis will have great significance and will be a guide for the sustainable development of private universities in shaanxi province.
Keywords/Search Tags:Private Colleges and Universities, Full-time Teachers, Teachers' Ranks, Human Resources Management, Problems and Solutions
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