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A Study On Strategic Faculty Management In Research Universities

Posted on:2008-06-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L F LuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360215990365Subject:Administrative Management
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Research universities are the top level in higher education system, which push forward greatly host country's economics development, political democracy, social progress, cultural prosperity, comprehensive national strength enhancing and international intercommunion and cooperation. China's research universities have very big gaps, compared with the international first-rate universities. The key of universities construction is teachers troops constructs, so, to carry out strategic faculty management in research universities is necessary for China's world first-rate universities and high-level research universities construction.The main body of the dissertation has five parts. The first part is exordium,which outlines this study's background, intention, significance, methods, technique route, innovation points, and the key problems to be solved. The second part is a summary of interrelated theories base, which defines relational concepts, sums up researches related to strategic faculty management, reviews basic theory of strategic human resources management. The third part is discussing about strategic faculty management in research universities, which expound the necessity to carry out strategic faculty management in research universities, the essential, aim, principle, organization condition, and process of strategic faculty management in research universities. The fourth par is demonstration analysis, which narrates current situation, development foundation, opportunity, challenge, and construction target of Chongqing University faculty, analyses strategic faculty management in Chongqing University from"Famous brand strategy","Internationalization strategy","differentiation strategy","high-level strategy","diversifying strategy".Strategic faculty management is application of strategic human resource management in faculty management. The study is conducted to introduce the idea, pattern, technique, etc. to faculty management in research universities. It can be concluded from the study: to faculty management in research universities, strategic human resource management has important guiding significant and practical applies value and strategic faculty management will effectively boost the construction of research universities as well as achievement the strategic goal of research universities; If a research university want to carry out strategic faculty management, faculty management should be lifted to a strategy level and the faculty management department should be seen as a strategic partner of university organization; when a university is making a strategy, the faculty management department should be participated in the whole journey, and let strategic faculty management be a strong guarantee for the university to achieve strategic goal; the key of carrying out strategic faculty management is faculty(talent)strategy keep in line with university overall strategy and faculty(talent)strategy should be made a organic part of university development strategy; currently, China's research university have big gaps contrasted with world first-rate university, so it's necessary and urgent to put strategic faculty management into practice; Chongqing University can draw support from implementing strategic faculty management, promote core competitiveness, and arrive strategic goal successfully.
Keywords/Search Tags:Research University, Strategic Faculty Management, Strategic Human Resource Management
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