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Research In The Situation And Optimization About The Major Setting In P.E. University

Posted on:2006-11-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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According to the requirement of the reform and development of higher education, most normal universities (ministry-attached, province-attached) have accomplished adjustment of college and department early in 2000, and college of P.E. in normal universities is one of the subordinate colleges. In recent years, because of system reform and new students enroll enlargement in large scales, most colleges of P.E. in normal universities have developed from one major to two, even three majors. However, with the rapid development of our society and with the change of views of development in higher education, many problems in such aspects as major setting, direction in running college should be improved.Colleges of P.E. in normal universities are of great potential powers in P.E. universities in China. Facing with the same opportunities and challenges, college of P.E. in normal universities should not only recognize its status,disposition, advantages and disadvantages, but also grasp the key points which influence the survival and development of the college of P.E. in normal universities. As a subject, this research is about the observation on the view from "major setting" in order to provide our national government and all levels of educational department some scientific basis to establish and optimize the strategy and guiding principles of the development in college of P.E. in normal universities.By using document and material method, expert investigating method, poll investigating method, mathematical statistics method and logical analysis method, this paper deeply investigates and analyzes the situation of major setting in some colleges of P.E. in normal universities. While investigating and analyzing, these researches draw conclusions and suggestions as the following.1. conclusions1.1 The proportion that universities and colleges' bachelor degree of PE of our country disposes is: It accounts for 41.82% for PE educate, it accounts for 23.63% for sports to train, social sports accounts for 18.18%, the human science of the movement accounts for 7.28%, traditional ethnic sports account for 9.09%. The proportion of distribution of the specialty in the universities and colleges is: It accounts for 100% for sports to educate, it accounts for 56.52% for sports to train, social sports accounts for 43.17%, the human science of the movement accounts for 17.39%, traditional ethnic sports account for 21.74%.1.2 In our country PE universities and colleges run a school mode to be single, specialty narrower, the structure is unreasonable; The specialty expanded newly in recent years lacks scientific basis, some specialized names are not enough for the norm .The quantity of undergraduate's source of students of universities and colleges of PE shows a tendency to increase in recent years, but the quality of source of students drops to some extent; Graduate's employment rate is generally relatively low in recent years, among them sports educate the specialized average employment rate to be only 55.61% in 2004, sports educates specialized personnel to present the saturated condition .1.3 high sports colleges and universities high level talented person are few,Has the undergraduate course school record as well as the vice-senior, the intermediate title teacher is teacher's main body; The talented person distributed also displays the region imbalance, the high school record talented person distributed the proportion by the East China area high, middle and southwest the area was low.1.4 high sports colleges and universities scientific research competitive power gradually strengthened in recent years,The subordinate normal university big sports institute in the school condition, the specialized equipment aspect overall is strong, has the advantage in the development specialized establishment material safeguard aspect, but majority of provinces (city) is the normal university sports institute in the school condition overall to be in the weak trend.1.5 affects the high sports colleges and universities specialized establishment the primary factor to have the school idea, the school condition, the fresh source quality and the quantitative aspect factor, at the same time also receives the restriction which the economical development and the sports enterprise develops.2. suggestions2.1 Optimize major setting, and extend direction in running colleges. Major setting makes cultivation aim as well as the important channel in cultivating adapting talents concrete. Through the investigation and analysis in major setting in colleges of P.E. in normal universities, we find major scope in colleges of P.E. in normal universities is narrow and also its poor adaptability, its serious repeat in major setting and its impractical construction. So it is urgent to extend major direction and to optimize plans for running colleges.2.2 It is necessary to organize human resource to do more research in how to select major and how to deal with the relations as between construction and benefits in running colleges. Establish plaza for talents supply and demand, and adjust major construction, set some new lateral, crossing and urgently needing majors and directions when combining different resources of universities.2.3 Arrange curriculum system, and cultivate compound talents. With the developments of science technology and with the deep reform in higher education, some abuses such as detailed division of major and obvious limits of different majors has become a bottleneck hindering science development. Therefore, to weaken subjects border and to enlarge major bore as well as to cultivate compound talents have become inevitable choices.2.4 Retain and compress scales in majors of P.E. education and make full use of subject advantages to make the core cultivating graduate students majoring P.E. education. Make P.E. teachers in universities high educational background fist, and then extend college majors in other directions.2.5 Strengthen faculty construction, and improve qualities in teaching. Make the "profession property" of P.E. colleges more clear and face the society well to serve P.E. profession.2.6 It is suggested all kinds of P.E. colleges be classified in grade, be planed scientifically, and managed in uniform. It is also recommended setting arrangement, major setting, control abilities in teaching direction and qualities be strengthened.2.7 It is suggested the chief department examine and approve the new upgrade colleges strictly, construct evaluation system strictly, make thorough research and proof to new set majors, and construct the corresponding evaluation system for major setting.2.8 Facing new historic opportunities, we should keep pace with the development of the times, renew notion, extend ideas, welcome challenges, and make contributions to the healthy development for our higher P.E. education profession.
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