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The Research On The Pluralism Of Chinese Colleges And Universities Financing Channels

Posted on:2008-04-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z J LiuFull Text:PDF
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Insufficient investment of higher education is a outstanding problem that the whole world higher education must confront in its development. Many countries choose reforming education-investing system, establishing the institution of higher learning financing main body position, to promot education financing channels for the diversified as well as increasing government investment.With the contradiction between development of the higher education in our country and the serious shortage of funding for education has became gradually outstanding, the government has been unable to maintain institutions of higher learning own construction and development through allocating funds. It is important to research and analysis the current situation and question of universities financing channel of our country at present, use all the countries in the world in the nowadays colleges and universities financing way for reference, discuss innovative possibility of our country colleges and universities financing channel.Basing on the theory of Public Sector Economics, Cost shares principle and Human Capital Investment, the paper first proves the feasibility and necessity of the pluralism of financing channels of higher education. Following, introduces overseas institutions of higher learning financing situation, focus on Korea S, U.S.A., Europe and India, have reached several enlightenments to our country colleges and universities. Then through plenty of data, the paper analysis the situation of the finance of domestic higher education, and the problems existing in nowadays, and then proposes two finance innovating forms, educational to tickets and asset-backed securities, focusing on their feasibility and operating mode.In the end of the paper, the author provides some policy recommendations.
Keywords/Search Tags:colleges and universities, financing channels, pluralism
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