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Design And Implementation Of Quality Assurance Platform For Undergraduate Higher Education

Posted on:2021-03-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years,the provincial government and the ministry of education have requested to strengthen the supervision and assessment of the quality of undergraduate education in institutions of higher learning.As the beginning of the mass of undergraduate enrollment expansion of higher education in China in recent years,to make higher education more and more accepted,In order to further improve and better guarantee its undergraduate teaching quality,set up internal institutions of higher learning of undergraduate teaching quality guarantee system and perfect it,the higher school undergraduate education resource configuration,size,composition,quality,results,and social and economic benefits can be coordinated development,which is,in fact,each college is currently need urgent attention and solve the problem of quality management.Domestic universities generally is a teaching quality guarantee system,absorbs the advanced experience of foreign universities and successful practice,and according to the characteristics of the various institutions of higher learning and fully reconstructed actual conditions have their own characteristics,It has played an effective role in promoting the improvement and development of the quality of talent training and teaching in colleges and universities,but there is a widespread: still on the supervision and management of the elements of quality guarantee system is not sound,the guarantee of quality is not enough to integrate the internal and external quality assurance with the supervision and management;the establishment of quality assurance system,and the operation of the process of information standard degree of many problems.Therefore,it is very necessary for us to develop a scientific,efficient and complete closed-loop university quality assurance system.This system mainly uses the Spring and Express framework for the overall architecture of the system,uses the Java language to do the core data management and combines with the Node JS language in charge of other functional modules to form the undergraduate higher education quality assurance platform.The quality planning system,teaching process system,quality monitoring system,quality evaluation system,basic data collection system and university status data collection system are implemented to support the quality assurance system.Through a series of analysis to obtain the system business model,database model,page prototype and other analysis model,to ensure the system function is perfect,and then to achieve a set of fast and efficient college quality assurance information system,as teaching evaluation regulation we collected from the original simple evaluation,it extended to collect and process of assessment data analysis,the assessment results of data analysis three big modules,the process and result of evaluation is more clear,scientific,reliable and collect data for the teaching supervision department provides a convenient monitoring the quality of the platform,to promote the normalized management of the school teaching quality.
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