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Research On The Internal Quality Assurance System And Its Operation Mechanism Of Undergraduate Education In Colleges And Universities

Posted on:2018-06-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330515472237Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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The undergraduate education in China is under the double pressure of social and economic development and educational reform.This not only brings unprecedented opportunities for colleges and universities,but also brings new challenges.How to set up the education quality assurance system of higher level and social adaptation,which can promote the cultivation of talents,becomes the focus of the society.At the end of last century China began to expand enrollment of higher education,higher education from elite education towards popularization,greatly expanding the number of students in Colleges and universities are faced with many problems of scale,infrastructure construction and the construction of teachers.In the case of increasing enrollment scale to ensure the quality of personnel training has become the top priority of colleges and universities.Today,the scale of college enrollment basically stable down,in this period,the University's undergraduate quality assurance system construction and operation mechanism? What are the problems? How to improve and many other issues are still not very clear.This paper is based on the content analysis method,comparative research method,investigation method,statistics,mathematical statistics and practice of combining research,a comprehensive interpretation of the Northeast Agricultural University undergraduate quality assurance system construction system and operation mechanism,the full text is divided into several parts as follows:First,through the analysis of internal quality assurance system and Australia undergraduate education,the paper puts forward some suggestions on the construction of the internal quality assurance system of Chinese undergraduate education: the need to pay attention to the "endogenous quality" concept,establish evaluation agencies,certification system,complete the curriculum management mode of higher education,improving the university students the feedback mechanism,invite outside experts to participate in monitoring etc..Second,the analysis of the internal quality assurance system of Northeast Agricultural University undergraduate education system consists of 6 subsystems:(1)The quality of education decision-making and command system,the function for making operation plan,coordinate the quality assurance system of undergraduate education personnel training.(2)The quality of education system,the function of the decomposition of the quality objectives to the various colleges and universities,the implementation of national and school education quality policy,strengthen the quality of education exchanges.(3)Education quality information management system,the function of the establishment of education quality management standards,education curriculum management,professional construction management.(4)The evaluation and diagnosis system of educational quality,which is the standard and procedure of the school education quality diagnosis,the system examination,the diagnosis and improvement of the problem,the evaluation and diagnosis of the external organization.(5)Education quality feedback system,the function of the establishment of the school education quality information feedback platform,tracking feedback information,analysis of information,summarize the problem,make the revised plan,feedback to the school.(6)Education quality inspection and supervision system,the function is responsible for checking the implementation of the school quality assurance system,regularly check the quality of education opinions and suggestions.Third,the corresponding research on the operation mechanism of the internal quality assurance system of Northeast Agricultural University,the quality of education,including its operating mechanism: the quality information management mechanism,education mechanism,education quality education quality monitoring and feedback mechanism,education quality management team and teacher team building mechanism and education quality improvement mechanism.Fourth,analysis of the existing operation of internal quality assurance system of undergraduate education in Northeast Agricultural University,the problems and shortcomings,mainly reflected in four aspects: education quality monitoring system has low efficiency,because the heavy workload,less personnel information management;education level is not high,because the views of various departments are not unified,management professional,experimental teaching the hardware and software update speed is not high;the low effectiveness of education information feedback,information feedback is not comprehensive because of supervision,students' evaluation of teaching information feedback is not objective,the information has to track graduates;education curriculum system is not perfect,because the creation of professional courses,the large proportion of main courses are divided,part of the professional the course can not support the discipline development.Fifth,through the operating mechanism of the Northeast Agricultural University system,the corresponding countermeasures proposed to improve monitoring efficiency,improve the degree of information management,optimize the construction of teachers and enhance the effectiveness of feedback,improve the education curriculum system.
Keywords/Search Tags:quality assurance system of undergraduate education, operating mechanism, quality of Higher Education
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