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A Study On Transfer Adaptation From School Teachers To Full-time Community Education Teachers

Posted on:2009-10-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360245473627Subject:Adult Education
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As the socialist market economic system continuously improved and the employment system reform is deepening,individual's career has also undergone a significant change. One of aspects is that the flow of occupational status is faster, occupation transfer become a normal phenomenon in the workplace. From a skilled posts to the status of an alien,from not adapt to adapt,it is an adaption process that a transfer's qualities(including psychological quality, professional quality and moral quality)adapt to the status of the new positions of knowledge and skills, from unfamiliar to familiar. How can we adapt to a new occupation as quickly as possible? The writer interviewed six teachers who were school teachers ever but now are Community Education full-time teachers,summarized the transfers' cases and will discuss the the conversion of positions Adaptability.Community Education is a modern education system accompanied by the rise of community development. Under the macro background of China's social transformation, it is given a new era's responsibility. Community Education becomes a new growth point of developing adult education of the socialism with Chinese characteristics,becomes an important part of building a lifelong educational system and creating a learning society,and also becomes an important social construction power of promoting a harmonious community and harmonious society. The key point is promoting community education, creating learning stylized communities and a community education workers' team. To carry out the spirit of the Ministry of National Education, the 114 experimental areas of community education select a number of basic education teachers majored in the teaching and management to community school to specialize in community education as a community education full-time teachers,by means of commonly using the form of an open recruitment or assignment from the education sector. In this study, "return to the rich world of adult life, into the colorful adult spiritual home" is the basic program and the logical starting point, The adaptation process of transfer from school teachers to community education full-time teacher will be discussed by using the form of Case analysis through adult learning perspective.In this paper, a total of six chapters:Chapter 1 is the introduction. As the starting point for research, it will be presented on the part of the origin, of the background and significance of the choice of research perspective, research methods.Chapter II is to define the basic concepts and some Reviews available. On the basis of clarifying the two basic concepts of social workers and community education workers,the concept of community education full-time teachers is preliminarily defined. And some related research literatures are systemly sorted out.Chapter III, IV and V describe the community education full-time teachers' learning motivation and content in the transfer adaptation process of the three stages,which is immature period,adaptation period and the upgrading period. Then the learning characteristics in each stage are analyzed.Chapter VI is the conclusions and recommendations. To summary the study, give conclusions and recommendations. The subject is reflected and prospected.
Keywords/Search Tags:Community Education Full-time Teachers, Transfer Adaptation, Adult Learning
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