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Research On Professional Identity Of Full-Time Workers In Urban Community Of Baoji City In Shaanxi Province

Posted on:2018-08-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330518985547Subject:Social work
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Community full-time workers as an important part of the social worker team,it is in the social development of a new career,in social management and social services play an increasingly important role.Shaanxi Province conform to the requirements of this era of development,but also to speed up the establishment of a new situation in line with the professional,professional community full-time workforce.Since the recruitment of community full-time staff in Shaanxi Province since 2012,the"community full-time workers" community has attracted widespread attention,and their professional identity has become one of the concerns.This paper analyzes the occupational identity and influencing factors of full-time workers in urban and rural areas of Baoji City,Shaanxi Province from the four dimensions of professional cognition,professional emotion,professional behavior tendency and professional emotion.Based on the random sampling method,Recruitment of community full-time workers conducted a questionnaire survey,and the use of SPSS statistical analysis of the questionnaire results were analyzed,but also selected six community full-time staff interviews,in order to their career status and the impact of factors to accurately description.The study found that the professional identity of full-time workers in urban communities in Baoji City of Shaanxi Province was not high as a whole,and the recognition of occupational emotion dimension was the lowest among the four dimensions of occupational recognition,and at the same time involved in the urban community of Baoji City in Shaanxi Province Professional identity,such as individual,family,working environment,system,social policy and so made a specific analysis,and finally from the strengthening of the role of full-time community workers and identity,improve the community full-time workers social support network,community full-time workers The development of self-employed,the establishment of a comprehensive community full-time workers career development mechanism,the establishment of a reasonable salary guidance system,the establishment of standardized treatment standards put forward six aspects of raising Baoji City community full-time Rationalization of Workers' Professional Identity.
Keywords/Search Tags:professional identity, community work, community full-time workers
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