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Research On The Current Situation, Dilemma And Outlet Of University Graduates As Community Full - Time

Posted on:2015-02-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the rapid development of our society, the status and role of the community become more apparent in people’s daily lives. To build a harmonious community is the primary task of building a harmonious society. The construction of harmonious community can’t without the promotion of talent. Guide and encourage college graduates to work in the community, not only help to optimize grassroots cadres’ structure, but also to ease the employment pressure of college graduates, to make the distribution of human resources more reasonable, promote the harmonious development of society. Based on this, in2012, Shaanxi Province for the first time to recruit community full-time workers in public and unified, selected more than2,000community full-time workers to work in the cities grassroots, which college graduates of after80,90is the main force.However, as the first community full-time workers, their lives, working conditions are still not well understood to the public. But can be envisioned, although they have received higher education, but in reality, they directly transition from simple relationships in the campus to the complex communities, or directly take over community work without experience of community work, which will enable them to encounter a lot of problems. For more clarity to understand these issues, and let these issues be improved as soon as possible, this study will choose those college graduates who serve as community full-time workers as research object. Based on qualitative research, and quantitative research as a reference, choose Xi’an City’s10college graduates-community full-time workers, make in-depth interviews with them, and collect38valid questionnaires as a reference, try to fully exhibit their living and working conditions, and then try to analyze the plight in their development and the reasons, on this basis, propose a way to promote their healthy development. In order to provide a reference for the work of Shaanxi’s community qualified personnel, to provide the appropriate basis for the future development of relevant policies and also provides some lessons for college graduates to their own development.Specifically, the article started from the six following areas:The first is an introduction. This section introduces research background, research questions, the meaning and purpose of study, and makes a review for relevant research.The second part of the paper is to define the focus concept, introduce the relevant theory, the framework and research methods.Third, fourth and fifth chapters is the focus. The third chapter is a description for field survey, include the contents, methods, etc. Then sort out the results of the survey, from motivation, work situation, life, satisfaction to showing the development status quo of college graduates who as community workers. The fourth chapter analyzes the development of the plight and causes of college graduate who as community workers, mainly from the subjective, objective and management system. Subjective dilemma has four areas: psychological difficulties, difficulties to perform their duties, the plight of the role and future development dilemma. Objective difficulties summarized in three aspects:the working conditions of old community urgent need to improve, a shortage of community funding, complicated community social relations. Management of institutional dilemma grouped into three aspects: the lack of a systematic and scientific training system, the lack of rational organization and leadership, lack of reasonable compensation management and incentives. Chapter V proposes a countermeasure to promote college graduates who as community workers have a healthy development, it based on the third and fourth chapters. This part from the three aspects and discussed: the government, community and college graduates themselves. Government should give policy, financial support, and advocate college graduates to be community full-time workers, to improve their social status; community should achieve a clear positioning for them, strengthen the training of education, establish a rational incentive system, and clear future path of development; college graduates who choose to be community full-time workers should do their own role-reversal, make a clear self-positioning, strengthen the professional knowledge and improve practical ability.Chapter VI outlines conclusions, summary the inadequate and outlook of research.
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