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Research On The Mechanism Of Discipline Construction In Local University

Posted on:2009-01-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J P DanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360245973992Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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Discipline construction, the fundamental work with the strategic meaning, is the lifeline to a university's sustainable development. With high education being increasingly popularized, internationalized and its requirement being diversified, the competition among universities becomes increasingly intensified, and the standard of discipline construction is one aspect of the core content of the competition.This thesis, based on the practical situations of the discipline construction in local universities, takes local universities as its research objects to study the rules in the development of discipline construction. With a further research into the nature of the discipline construction in local universities, this thesis analyzes not only the factors that affect the discipline development, but also the general developing trend and stages of disciplines. It points out that the power that drives the discipline development mainly comes from its inner logic, social needs and discipline mechanism. It also suggests that the development of disciplines has different phases, and the discipline construction should adapt to the developing trend of the modern disciplines, thus moving towards its comprehensiveness, openness and internationalization.Based on the basic theory of discipline construction, this thesis studies the mechanism and developing strategies of discipline construction in the local universities from the time and space dimensions. It concludes that the discipline construction in the local universities demonstrates distinct features in time. By the symbolic fruit in discipline construction—the gaining of the awarding power of the master's and doctor's degrees, this thesis classifies the discipline construction in the local universities into three stages: teaching-oriented, transition from teaching,to researching and initial researching, and it puts forward the targets and strategic choices in the discipline construction at the different stages. Meanwhile, the thesis holds the opinion that a reasonable scientific structure is needed to fulfill the target of the discipline construction in the local universities. Different discipline structures are needed to match the discipline construction at its different stages and under different developing strategies. This thesis explores the three main discipline structures: category structure, organizational structure and echelon structure. The category structure mainly involves the distribution of the disciplines; the organizational structure affects the efficiency of scientific management; the echelon structure determines the sustainable development of disciplines. These three structures are continuously moving, changing and developing, and they form a dynamic balance. Only under the continuous dynamic adjustment and reorganization can they be in a better functional structure state.For this, the thesis studies the various factors of the discipline structures in today's local universities: their current state, existing problems, their respective features, the principles matching the discipline structures at their different stages, and then puts forward the optimized ideas and approaches.At last, taking N University as an example, the thesis analyzes and concludes its strategies at different development phases, the formation of discipline structures, the echelon, and the advantages and disadvantages in all these aspects,. thus confirming the above theory in practice.Through the systematic research into the mechanism of the discipline construction of the local universities, this thesis forms a relatively complete theoretical system, which will contribute to the exploration into the developing rules and effective ways to the local universities' discipline construction. It will not only benefit the reforming practice of the local universities' discipline construction, but also offer the theoretical and practical reference to both the local and other kinds of universities in the discipline construction.
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