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An Investigation On Career Choice Autonomy And Occupation Adaptation Of Chinese City Youth

Posted on:2008-07-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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This article studied the career choice,occupation adaptation of Chinese city youth from the perspective of career choice autonomy. It surveyed 153 Xuzhou city youth, described career choices autonomy and the career adaptation in the basic level of city youth. It used SPSS to analyze the career adaptation differences under different career choice autonomy and their relevance.It is found that initial career choice autonomy of Chinese city youth are not so good.,current career choice autonomy is on a high level. Accupation adaptation of Chinese city youth is on an average level. Career choice autonomy and accupation adaptation have no relation. The study also found that vocational interests and self-evaluation of current work adaptability have differences under different current career choice autonomy. Impact on the initial career adaptation is education level, the reason for choosing initial career, whether got a raise or not, English level and technology level. Impact on the current career adaptation variable is the level of initial vocational adaptability score, mother's education level,the reason of choosing current career and current income.These were positively correlated.with current work adaptation level.
Keywords/Search Tags:City youth, Career choice, Career choice autonomy, Occupation adapation
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